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The next FX Wariior
use multy dimentions strategy...

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Registered Sep 01 2015 at 03:31

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Systems by megaprojectfx

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Megaprojectfx Ea Battle Pips Highrisk - Next FXWarrior -52.38% 94.46% 7361.0 Automated 1:50 Real
Megaprojectfx Battle Pips Mediumrisk- Next FXWarrior 22.02% 63.52% 386.0 Automated 1:500 Real
Megaprojectfx Battle Pips Lowrisk - Next Warrior 12.54% 42.70% 75.0 Automated 1:500 Real


Name Gain Drawdown Pips Performance
Megaprojectfx Battle Pips +502.25M% 9.54 37263.4 Megaprojectfx Battle Pips performance
Ziya Dec 27 2015 at 07:29
I am interested in Scalper EA, what is the monthly gain and max draw down? Can we control draw down? Will it affect the maonthly gain?
megaprojectfx Jan 02 2016 at 17:57
monthly gain and the drawdown depends on the risk. there are three risk settings. please mail to [email protected] or contact to
FXtrader2010 Dec 23 2015 at 04:07
can you please put on a real reputable broker?
SwagNVAlft Dec 17 2015 at 07:38
why are the drawdowns so big??
megaprojectfx Dec 17 2015 at 12:09
Drawdown is diferent by setting sir.high,medium or low..