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Name monkichi

I have been trading forex for 14 years now. I am interested in systematic trading, and I am studying trading using EA. I am not a programmer, so it was not easy for me to put the profitable method into EA, but I think this method can be used for a long time.

Trading style:
The trading style is a day trade targeting from 00:00 to 13:00 Japan time.
No grid or martingale logic is used.
The currency pair is USDJPY and you enter with the opening price of M5.

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Experience More than 5 years


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Registered Feb 04, 2019 at 22:38

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Systems by monkichi

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
KonokaSystem 213.27% 22.04% 5181.6 Automated 1:25 Real
KonokaSystem.NEO 39.02% 19.55% 1316.0 Automated 1:500 Real
KonokaSystem Coinexx 18.04% 17.56% 848.6 Automated 1:500 Real
KonokaSystem.NEO -41.17% 68.91% 1364.6 Automated 1:1 Real


Name Gain Drawdown Pips Performance
KonokaSystem_JP +6190.85% 18.68 62641.6 KonokaSystem_JP performance
KonokaSystem_JP_MM +2.15M% 26.50 67309.7 KonokaSystem_JP_MM performance
KonokaSystem.FUN +6952.99% 23.36 76042.7 KonokaSystem.FUN performance
KonokaSystem.NEO +5448.54% 19.99 75447.4 KonokaSystem.NEO performance
KonokaSystem.JOY +5659.61% 21.79 78212.6 KonokaSystem.JOY performance
Strong_EA +4233.14% 16.58 46094.7 Strong_EA performance
KSJ-07 +6940.22% 32.45 73414.2 KSJ-07 performance
Flight_EA +5694.11% 30.20 76003.8 Flight_EA performance

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StephenVantagefx Feb 07, 2022 at 11:47
Hi, I'm trying to contact you regarding a partnership. Could you provide me with some contact details I could reach you on? Thanks!
monkichi Feb 07, 2022 at 13:13
Is it IB?
I can't do IB.
monkichi Nov 25, 2021 at 06:57
The EA (KonokaSystem.Coinexx & KonokaSystem.NEO) that was running on COINEXX has been stopped and withdrawn.
Reason: We found out that the hidden costs were about twice as much as the published spreads and commissions.
The swap is also about twice as negative as other companies.
Be careful with similar forex brokers.
(Dealing system (software)) may be a possibility.
It is clearly different from Gaitame Finest's KonokaSystem (forward test).
Thank you.