PhiBase Technologies is one of the most respected developers of Expert Advisors in the Forex trading community. At Phibase, we value honesty-professionalism at every level and work towards making automated trading successful for our members. PhiBase also provides members with regular technical reports based on important events or additional information which would help them understand the trading system better. PhiBase has one of the best customer support in the industry.
Trading style
Trading signals from our time tested strategies are run on the Phibase Trade Server. All trade signals are forwarded to the Portfolio Management Module.

Only trade signals with current performance metric above longer term performance averages are delivered to the member. Weaker signals are filtered out.

ForexSignalPort MT4 EA powered by always 'ON' technology, receives the signals instantly and executes the trade as per the risk level chosen by the member.
Profit from autotrading our Forex strategies


Systems by pbindex

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
IndEX EA 6.17% 7.96% 369.0 Automated 1:100 Real
ForexSignalPort : SMFX Reference Account -69.32% 71.63% -13893.5 Automated 1:200 Real
Phibase Portfolio : SMFX Reference Account 9.75% 19.89% 12339.0 Automated 1:200 Real
ForexSignalPort : PaxForex Reference Account -62.38% 71.05% -10756.4 Automated 1:200 Real
FSP PAX Forex Mini Account -89.71% 90.13% -13369.0 Automated 1:400 Real

Strategies by pbindex

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Performance
IndEX_GJ_2007-2008_Risk_2 +1169.04% 27.51 15097.3 IndEX_GJ_2007-2008_Risk_2 performance
IndEX_UJ_2007-2008_Risk_2 +104.85% 20.99 4261.3 IndEX_UJ_2007-2008_Risk_2 performance

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