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govigovi May 07 2013 at 12:29
East Trader
famisoul May 06 2013 at 18:20
hi pipstrader, which broker are you using?
vicaas Apr 24 2013 at 19:16
Hi, if you are selling the system, pls write to me at [email protected]
Thanks and regards
udit101 Mar 14 2013 at 17:39
great job bro.
udit101 Mar 14 2013 at 17:46
I regular watch your performance. After satisfaction I will sure buy it from you and you should be give me training for two week as you told. But how you give me training and where ? Please give me all details in my mail: [email protected] Skype ID: udit.pratap3 THANKS
pipstrader Mar 14 2013 at 18:30
i will give u training on skype bro after this week i will not be selling it.i m opening new service good luck
udit101 Mar 06 2013 at 17:50
which EA is this ? Do you sell it ? What is your EA's cost ? Please give details.
Louis Loo
Hui_1984 Apr 16 2013 at 17:13
we feel more confident if able to see your personal trade. you can limit the time to show it if possible, hope to see it from your account.
govigovi May 07 2013 at 12:29