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Prachait Saxena


Name Prachait Saxena

Being into IT / Computer Industry for 15 years, 1999 - 2013, and Left IT Industry in Sep 2013, after doing Volunteering , Job, Business, Investor |
Society thought me to sell "Time, Skill and Energy" to earn money | and Keep working for long 10 hours including Home - Office Travelling |

Better is Buy / Sell Currency | Directly work in Money |
3 Hours a day and can be done from anywhere from the work, having a Internet Connection + Laptop + Power |

Forex gave me freedom to travel the world now and 24/7 available for / with Family & Friends |

Just enjoying the life with relaxation and with plenty of time to learn now |

Its Life :)

Trading style:
Manual Only
Each account with 100 USD, or 100 CAD or with 100 Base Currency |
Risk: 2% of the capital per trade, Maximum 20% of the capital as whole
Leverage: 100:1,give money management to server
Time: 3 hours per day maximum
Earning: 0.25% per day
Trade: 8 Currency Pair with Correlations
Enjoy having a look all whole world

Forex - Currency Trading is for Living |

Experience More than 5 years


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Registered Jul 22 2014 at 10:04

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