Pttscb sniper scalping
pttscb May 30 2014 at 09:32

1.Short term traders speculation

2.Platform with technical and manual

3.Graph, not the conditions ot our system, we do not trade, wait until the graph to the

conditions of our trades for example macd,rsi,cci divergence etc.

4.If not,do not hold overnight

5.We traded 4 currency pairs including EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JYP, USD/CHF.

6.Targets a return of 5-20% per month.

7.Max DD: 10-30

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We have 2 types.
1. The high risk (Amazing Stories, challenge/drawdown>50)
2. low-risk (Stability, consistency/drawdown<25)
When applying signal to us, please choose your favorite.
Report it to us by email with news.

When the majority like it. We will make it

Warning! Investment risk please carefully consider before cutting investment ferry