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Rich Owl


Name Rich Owl

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An Expert Advisor is a piece of software written specifically for the MetaTrader Platform. An Expert Advisor can just advise traders which trades to make or can be programmed to automatically execute the trades on a live account.
"Rich Owl" is designed mainly to trade EUR pairs. However the EA is very well capable of trading other currency pairs. The EA has tendency to trade when market is in a calm condition and there is not an expectation of big moves (ATR Indicator).

A significant reason of this robot's success is the capability to find the correct time for entering and exiting a trade. Even though it sounds quite obvious but implementing the strategy to achieve this goal is only feasible using accurate analyses which the EA takes advantage of it.

Not only the entry and exit point but also managing the losses, and turning loss into benefit is another point to be highlighted. It is not possible to avoid loss trades but minimizing losses and accurate and early recognition leads to minimizing the loss and consequently maximizing the profit. Loss management in Rich Owl EA follows a sophisticated pattern which has been generated using many money management theories.

Rich Owl EA takes various parameters such as account balance, probability, latest market movements, open trades, current time, market elasticity and etc. into consideration to choose the perfect amount of money to insert into the market.

There are particular times of day which market's movement is unpredictable. Rich Owl EA is quite familiar with those times and avoids opening positions during them.


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