ProFXRobot May 28 2013 at 14:23
Hi All,

if you interested to manage account using ProFXRobot-Secure , the following rules must be applied=

- Profit share 70% for account owner & 30% for me

- Register for a new instaforex account through the link
NOTE: *Only using INSTAFOREX for maximum profit & safety.
*Choose a standard account and select server USA
*Choose leverage 1:600
*Choose SWAP FREE account
*don't forget fill affiliate code with ' profxrobot '

-Perform a minimum $2,000 deposit

-Give your Instaforex account number + trading password to me
( I only trade on your account, but only you as the account holder can withdraw funds, so it is safe for your funds )

-I will trade your instaforex account, using ProFXRobot
NOTE: *please don't intervention, you can see result day by day through your trading account using investor password)
*Cost $15 per month for VPS rent will be added, while 30% profit sharing to me every 30days after trading start)

-Every 30 days,from i start trade your account, i will stop trade, you have to pay 30% profit + $15 cost of VPS to me, if not, then I will stop trading untill you pay profit share + $15 to me

-Profit on your account, you can withdraw or keep in your trading account to trade for next month, up to you
NOTE: *If you will withdraw profit, please make withdrawal in the end of every 30days when i stop trade for profit share
*Do not make withdrawals when I do the trade because it will make the chaotic

-After I received a 30% share of profits + $15 for VPS rent, I will continue the next trade.

Thank you

Best Regards,
Team ProFXRobot