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CFD1000 User Reviews
CFD1000 User Reviews
Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Dec 04, 2015 at 12:44
Inspite of so much negative truth about them they have no balls to defend they exposed back. It sure is proof of their dignity and self respect. A fact that they simply do not care for their brand and interested only in swindling the investors money into their personal account. Simply pathetic and shame on
Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Oct 28, 2015 at 16:35
Hi Tomson8282,

I hate this broker because they literally stole my $5000 investment. Did you hear that 'STOLE'. I have read multiple reviews about this broker and some of the investors have lost $20,000 and others have lost as high as $50,000 for their so called Algo Trading. Simply pathetic service.

I am not referring to individual trader who invests with this non-regulated broker and trade for themselves. I am referring to investors who invest with this bunch of crooks and allow them to trade with your money. This is where they will show you the lemon with a margin call and cover their backs stating market conditions forced the account to have margin call. Whilst the truth is that they will open multiple big positions in your account to swindle the money out of your account.

Beware investors, stay away from this highway robbers. There are better regulated forex brokers in the market. I don't see a reason why you need to deal with this company who has been blacklisted in so many countries.

Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Oct 19, 2015 at 20:45
And here is the broken legal language of this esteemed organization who does not seem to care much for the legal clauses on its corporate website.




Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Oct 19, 2015 at 19:22 (edited Oct 19, 2015 at 19:23)
Here is another proof of them flawing the French law (

Beware investors !!!

Do not invest with this broker. If you do have your money with this broker then simply pull out your funds before they expose their evil side to you.


Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Oct 19, 2015 at 19:08 (edited Oct 19, 2015 at 19:11)

I have lost my investment due to sheer negligence and unethical trading procedure by this firm. They have zero qualification on trading funds of its clients and simply give margin call to any and every trader who allows to trade their account by this bunch of unprofessional.

Attached is some proof of them being blacklisted and the fact that Financial Conduct Authority of UK saying is not a regulated broker and simply a blacklisted organisation. Any investor with little bit of sanity would consider a broker who is registered and regulated. There are plenty to chose from in the Forex market. I don't see a point why risk the capital. A word of advice, just give your capital for charity instead of investing with because both would result in you parting with your funds however in one case you will get blessed for the good deed and in another case you will end of making someone else a fat cat who will laugh his way to the bank.

If you do genuinely have an live account with them then hold on firmly to your chair as you will be pleasantly surprised with a margin call.



Member Since Oct 13, 2015   2 posts
Oct 14, 2015 at 06:05
I started cooperation with this broker few months ago. Now i saw opinions and just wanted to say, I never had problem with this broker. Everytime i wtihdraw, it was on my accounts 5-7 business days. Yes it's a little bit long, but i have just gold account. Propobly after seeing this opinions i won't cooperate with them now. But i tested it and it works good for me so i won't stop investing with CFD1000
Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Oct 04, 2015 at 16:17 is a scam company whose sole purpose is to steal the hard earned money of the investors. If you ever invest money with them consider it gone. Invest at your own risk and refrain for doing damage to your capital. Now they have started forex education site and offering pirated software. Not very credible of a broker to offer pirated software
Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Aug 21, 2015 at 11:23
After some research I have come to understand this is a broker who is based in Israel. The sales professionals (scammers) will call you from a busy environment to pretend as if they are in middle of the trading floor and offer you some bonus which is applicable for next few days. They will ask you to deposit funds in a day or two to avail the special bonus. Please refrain from these liars as they are highway robbers who will steal your money in the broad daylight. You will find more update on this broker in the below link:

There is a scam alert issued against this broker. Below is the link to the proof of their credibility. A message to existing and potential clients of stay away from these scammers or be sorry for yourself.
Member Since Sep 11, 2010   9 posts
Jul 28, 2015 at 17:23 is a complete scam who stole $5,000 of my money. They simply have no concept of money management and position sizing. They are full of false promises and will ensure you part with your hard earned money.

I was approached by Rose Guion who was Head of VIP Sales and Services at and she promised some fascinating returns with their so called Algo Trading. Do not trust the same as they will open big positions and cause you a margin call. I have burned my fingers more than once with them and every time they mentioned please invest more funds for your investment to grow and recover the losses.

I simply do not understand how they can exists for so long and would urge the financial authority of the country in which they operate to penalise them and close their operations. If you have investments with them they do not risk it for too long else it will be gone in the thin air. Be warned and be protected. Listed below are some of the sources which provide the proof of their reliability:

Some more proof of them being dishonest includes:

There site is classified with Low Trust Rating and identified as unsafe to use. It is based on Russian Federation with safety level as little as 25%.

CFD1000 Ltd / 1000Trading Group Corporation is in breach of French law and is not required to follow the basic rules of investor protection, good information or claims processing.



I will share more information about them in near future so that other investors are not cheated. I urge all the investors of to withdraw your funds before its too late. If they turn out to be genuine broker and if they do refund my investmest I will keep you posted.

Member Since Apr 17, 2012   4 posts
May 22, 2015 at 07:15
Hi I want to try this broker with a swap free account does anybody have any experiance with them.
Member Since Nov 03, 2014   2 posts
Apr 02, 2015 at 11:32
Pure scam,
Without regulation. Offshore Company (angila)
Spreads bad, bad execution. MARKET MAKER
broker for fools.
Franklin (sales) at the broker will try to convince a gestion, all lies, just pretend they enter, for the time, bring down the account.
Because if you win, the broker loses, it is a pure CASINO.
Over one month later to rescue the little money that I stay. by the company itself does not exist. The phone UK is a virtual PBX. And the address is no real physical officina. CROOKS IN ALL RULE. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO COMPANIES NOT CONTROL.

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