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gaban13 (gaban13)
Jul 01 2010 at 09:10
68 posts
the sorry email was about client 118300 account which do hedging high volume to get the bonus.please read the email carefully.i apologize for him not for me.don't said i'm newbie,are you long enough in forex??what is your experience?what you do is only copy and paste it here.regarding GIGFX,they not pay client withdrawal about $30,000.after we made complaint to FPA and legal LAW,only then they got afraid and promise to paid the existing figfx's client if you don't want to loose your money,take my sincere advise and leave this broker.

JKeeth (JKeeth)
Jul 01 2010 at 18:34
16 posts

Please, I kindly ask you to go and find yourself a different broker where you, and your so claimed clients can do their tricks and cheats. Most probably you will need to find a new, unexperienced broker. You will have a good time span to do your tricks, before you get kicked out, which as far as I understand is something you are getting used to.

I thank you also, for the confession of your client doing the hedging tricks to claim an unearned bonus.
Should we say thanks and pay him for his efforts? Or hold you tighter as a profitable IB for our business?

Better no, better to wave bye bye for you and for your client.
Find yourself a new playground. Experienced you ;)

As for GIGfx, I had no idea, their site and staff history (the one I know) does not look like a scam company. I really doubt your claims of them being unable to pay 30K.. That's not money finally when it comes to forex.

My famous advise:
Go back to where you learned forex, and ask for a refund. :D

It's better to leave than to be left behind
gaban13 (gaban13)
Jul 02 2010 at 00:43
68 posts
you keep telling about tricks and cheats..please tell me what are they.let all people know what my clients and me cheating about.i don't mind if you tell in public.i'm sure many people want to know

Sep 11 2010 at 08:47
3 posts
FigFX has permanently disabled my account for no reason two days after my second withdrawal attempt. I put together a beta testing group to test my co-workers EA named Ruskinator, an EA coded by my co-worker Jason Rusk that simply acts off a string of signals that certain indicators switch to 1 or 0. The other two traders that were in my group were my brother Kaes and my best friend James. They claimed we are all a single individual running multiple accounts with the EA, absurd!

I cannot believe this SCAM! READ ON for what fig has had to say!
quote from email posted:
Hello Mr. Kniestedt,

This email is to inform you that your trading account #****** has been permanently blocked due to several violations of our terms of service agreement, as well as the terms in regards to the partnership program available at

1- Your account, registered from Redmond, WA
2- Your account, trades from IP address
3- Your account uses an expert adviser identified as the Ruskinator (GBPUSD240)
4- VPS trading usually from the CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS LLC network

There are three accounts in our system --which we believe are used, accessed, controlled by yourself-- for some reason, share all the three points defined above. Which is a clear violation of our 'one account per household'. Add to that that three of the four accounts use the same last name, and the same ID identification tag. Clearly, those accounts were opened for a relative sharing the same residential, IP address as well as other information and of course, the Ruskinator which is only found in these 4 accounts in our platform.

All four accounts have been permanently disabled.
FIG has full logs of all login and access details to all four accounts including those from Redmond, WA as well as Sammamish, WA and the VPS by Cloud LLC. As well, the affiliate account referring the accounts have been disabled and all generated rebate commissions have been nullified. Please revise our affiliate agreement again for more details.

Thank you and have a nice day

Best regards,
FIG Solutions Limited Inc.

Trademark of FIG Solutions Limited
1521 Concord Pike #301 ● Wilmington 19803 ● Delaware ● USA
web: ● tel: +1.302.295.0959

I am one of three members of a beta testing group i put together to test an EA named Ruskinator, a EA compiled simply of a string of indicators. This EA was written and copyrighted by Jason Rusk, a fellow co-worker that I have worked with over the years. The two other forex traders in my group are my brother Kaes, (Also recently has posted in a thread) and my best friend James.

My reactions to the violation of the rules are list below

1- Yes, I live in Redmond, WA? Why is that violating anything? Multiple people can live in the same area talk about starting forex and open accounts!
2- Again yes, My account trades from that IP? Violating anything? It's my laptop in my room ISP Verizon DSL. NOTE: That my IP is different than my brothers, otherwise the letter recived was the same.
3- Yes, EAs and hedging are allowed
4- I had no part in using any VPS server, I only connected to FIG through MT4 on my laptop. My brother Kaes ran his MT4 on a VPS.

Clearly FIGfx is trying to classify us as one person with multiple accounts. I have sent them my WA state ID and bank statement for verification of first withdrawal. They obviously know this is not one person. SCAM!! FIGfx has a dealing office in Delaware so they claim they are U.S. based but they actually originate in Cyprus. Do they have a license to operate an investment firm in Cyprus? NO!!

See for yourself!

Sep 11 2010 at 09:02
3 posts

JKeeth posted:
WhyLose posted:
Hi Javier. Any comment?


We do not need the CySEC regulation as we do not conduct ant financial services within the Republic of Cyprus.
CIF 'Cypriot Investment Firm' is required to have a CySEC regulation, we do not. The Cypriot company (FIG Solutions Limited) is just a technical operator for the FIG Solutions Limited Inc. registered in Delaware.

For the record, FIGfx brokers has already filed, and is currently awaiting for the regulation approval; Jurisdiction and more details will published on our corporate website accordingly and in timely manner.

Thank you for your interest, and have a nice week

Fig will be shut down before any regulation approvals come their way.

This FIG solutions inc. registered in Delaware does not abide by the strict hedging and scalping rules of the US! Hence this is utter crap!

FIG solutions inc. has to be relying on Cypriot for more than 'technical support' if they are lawfully allowing their spreads on the market! This FigFX representative clearly denies that they do!

JKeeth (JKeeth)
Sep 11 2010 at 15:01
16 posts
Hello NicoK,

Of course, the way you described your problem is sentimental; It is still a violation.

Everyday, we hear the same explanation many times with little changes in roles, examples:
- Its my father's account
- Its not me, its my wife
- Oh no, thats my friends account
- etc..

For FIGfx, that is all the same. We define this as self-rebate.

The fact that you, opened an account, then decided to open more using different names - For that, you utilized your brother and friend. Read the email you received again, and see what it says.. (--which we believe are used, accessed, controlled by yourself--).

Believe me, you can not technically deny that all three accounts are accessed, controlled, managed by one person. The facts are obvious and are cleat to any FX expert.

Our decision if final, please feel free to consult a lawyer if you are not satisfied.

Have a nice day

It's better to leave than to be left behind
Sep 11 2010 at 20:07
1 posts
Javier -

I am Nico's brother, and I can vouch for the fact the other accounts were operated by us. You can not prove that they were controlled all by Nico simply because we are all from the same city. We all use the same EA which we as a group develop, and you also have photo copies of our IDs and bank statements, which clearly show different addresses. Even the fact that not once has one ip that accesses one account has crossed into another account should be a clear sign to you that we are all operating independently. Also, any manual trades that were done outside of the EA do not show up on other accounts. I have large amounts of chat logs and emails to and from my brother and different members of the group showing we all operate our own accounts.

Thank you,


Oct 20 2010 at 01:17
3 posts
Today, the 19th of October, I have received all my funds that I have earned through this broker. My account has been permanently disabled since the 9th of September. Upon thorough communication with FigFX, I have received what I have been owed for over a month.
Thank you FigFX for complying with your account holders

Dec 04 2010 at 00:20
9 posts
After reading all this comments from fellow traders. I'm just scared of opening an account with this broker. Looks like this broker is very notorious in blocking accounts and permanently disabling accounts for some simple violations such as having multiple accounts per household. I have traded with many brokers and still do and i can confirm that i have multiple accounts with such brokers as fxcm and liteforex and they have no problem with it. I got to say i'm skipping this broker as this account blocking, account suspending, multiple accounts per household rules and your EA can't make too much money rules is just too much for me.

Dec 06 2010 at 21:52
5 posts
I have held the following account 126430 with this broker. While I was pleased in the beginning even while losing my money I am disappointed that the broker chose to take back their 100% deposit match without any explanation, email notification or nothing of the sort. I would appreciate if Javier or any other representative of the company can provide an explanation. Until then I advise all current or future traders considering this company to be VERY AWARE!!!

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