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IronFX Global Review Scores

Overall score: 3.5 / 5

Total votes: 62
Customer service
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IronFX Global Discussion

80 posts
Hi Whaley, everythings ok now with Ironfx ? They still have to send me my profits....more than 8.000 Eur !
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31 posts
I have made 50,000 USD withdrawal from IronFX and in 2 weeks it is still not on my bank account.

First they told me that large withdrawals need to get management approval. Then they told me that because of EUR/CHF banks have a lot of processing and it takes time. I asked 5 times already to send me the payment slip that they have actually paid me the funds and no response to my emails.

Anybody have same problems with them?
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80 posts
1 posts
No problems with this broker.

We are a unit of 20 traders and no problems with money in or out...
For any detail question feel free to aks me.

Greetings to all.
1 posts
100% Excellent service.
2 posts
2 posts
four years wiht them problems... anyone 100% ok
1 posts
No problems with them. Everything works fine!
32 posts
20 posts
Excellent broker! No issues!
3 posts
No any one problem with this broker, we have 5 accounts with ironFX
20 posts
Guys can those of you who have use Ironfx please give feedback?
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17 posts
Hi all,

Any experiences you can share here about this broker? Any requotes, slippages, invalid price, slow execution, withdrawal problems?

I would like to hear it from you guys.. Thank you...
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2 posts
just 2 words ...........very good ...!!!!!
1 posts
Platform: MT4
Spread: EUR USD 1,8 (max 3,8)
Costomer service: quick, quickly taking calls
server connection is frequently interrupted by 1s
no re quotes

only one month of experience
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