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Overall score: 2.8 / 5

Total votes: 25
Customer service
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Tammam Farran
2 posts
Good broker, great service, trading with them for few month now, very helpful account manager
34 posts
friendly and calling me from time to time ,also this is the only broker have no expiry date for oil trading
deposit and withdrew very easy every time
Balazs Farago
2 posts
An unknown number called me today, but a didn't answer it. A little bit later I got an email from Sushil Gogate, an account manager of with the subject: 'Take Advantage of Trading Opportunities!'. They wrote I registered an account. I replied to ask the date of my registration, and I got a fake registration date and they offered me to activate my account (???).

I don't know where they got my email address and my phone number, maybe from a forex community webpage, but after this, I cannot trust I'm never going to open an account with
1 posts
Broker jest OK ale platforma to inna sprawa - zrywa połączenie, rekfotowanie zawieszanie się platformy
Dzień bez zysku to dzień stracony
153 posts
One of the worst market makers out there, alone from the spreads, which are 5 pips on EURUSD as an example you can see that. There is no reason to go with a market maker that is trading against you and charges a 5 pip spread on top for EURUSD which is almost criminal in times where EURUSD has spread of 0.X pips on most brokers and you can get ECN without the broker trading against you. Go somewhere else, there are enough alternatives nowadays, no reason to let you rip off by
3 posts
Stay away from this broker. They are market makers.... so be aware! When they call you, the first question is how much you are going to deposit! Instead helping you to make a profit, they are trading against you. They might even use a plug-in tool against you. I had two other accounts with different brokers running simultaniously with Markets, 80% of the Markets trades were stopped out by stop loss, while the other accounts were not stopped by stop loss and ended more or less profitable either stopped manually or by triggering the take profit level. As soon as they found out I was trading at the same time the same trades with different accounts, they stopped calling me. So there is something wrong with this broker.
1 posts
1 posts
1 posts
Sometimes problems whit there server. Lost connection a few times.
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