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WorldWide Markets Review Scores

Overall score: 2.9 / 5

Total votes: 12
Customer service
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WorldWide Markets Discussion

Atlas Forex (AtlasForex)
Nov 17 2016 at 08:24
1 posts
They have excellent trading technology for trading advisors, for customers, and for introducing brokers. WWM offers MT4 for self directed traders, for trading advisors and for mobile traders (WWM's MT4 trading advisor technology works on their mobile platform). They have their own trading platform called Alpha Trader for Windows, MAC and every mobile platform. There introducing broker technology allows me to track my IB fees (and sub IB fees) in real-time. Their CRM system is just amazing and I could go on for many, many pages. Every client of mine has received all their profits, and I have NEVER had a single problem. During Brexit they did not change their spreads by 1-point while other brokers (STP and mareket makers) widened their spreads by hundred of points. These guys are regulated in mutltiple jurisdictions, including the UK. I think the negative reviews are from competitors. This broker is excellent accross the board.

Apr 18 2014 at 12:46
3 posts
This broker is a big scam. Don't join them!! If you win, they loose (they are market makers). Everything is ok (good prices for a news spike trading) until you try to withdraw your profits... then they cancel all your trades without any explanation and, after two months, they give you back your initial money (not your profits that you earned). They don't answer your emails.

Apr 18 2014 at 12:46
1 posts
First, I would like to apologize about my English, not my native language .

I have been the victim of a scam by WorldWideMarkets .

I trade from Spain , I do not work on any broker , I'm not WorldWideMarkets competition , I say it sometimes seems that the good reviews come from friends of the broker and the bad reviews of competition.

In my case I am an individual who also have been scammed by WorldWideMarket , they were left with nearly $ 5,000 of my earnings , they closed my account for no reason and it took a few months to return the money they originally got .

WorldWideMarkets broker is a scammer , in fact, I had never cheated in this way.

For all this I appeal to any who read these lines and is looking for a broker to work . Do not open an account with WorldWideMarkets , if you win some money will be exactly like Monopoly money .... nothing .

If someone wants to widen further information, I have no problem doing . I hope , at least I can help someone hesitant to fall into the hands of these unpresentable .


livetrader (ffoorreexx)
Oct 23 2013 at 18:15
6 posts
they not paid profits done on account :-(

patience, patience, patience
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