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One Step Removed Review Scores

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One Step Removed Discussion

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First time using a programmer, I used Shaun after watching some of his videos. I don't think there is much Shaun doesn't know about programming EA's. Excellent service, good pricing and very fast.

I will recommend to any of my trading friends and will be using Shaun for any programming.

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once again (i made a little effort) look at May 2013 - Steinitz Fractal Pterodactyl Robot - in gbpchf buy in open trades, stoploss is 35 pip, but price is 140 in minus (below enter price). May be steinitz was tired when made this bs fotoshop. In any case i have both statement if mister steinitz remove them from his page. :-)


Discipline is the most important thing in trading
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look at fake statement from steinitz May 2013 - Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge Robot on his page. Look at GBPJPY in Open trades: It CAN'T be S/L above enter price in Buy trade for any pip when P/L is in minus. I made screen shot and i didn't look any further, one mistake in fotoshop is enough for me. Be careful with that scamer.


Discipline is the most important thing in trading
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They are doing good work and they help you until the stuff is running OK
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i have just used one step for the programming of an EA that i have designed and i would just like to say they were brilliant , so helpful and the process was made easy with one step , i can,t recomend them enough , anyone that needs any programming done ,there,s only one company you should use and thats onestep , i shall from now on be using them for all my future projects , shaun and his team thanks from a happy trader neil
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One Step Removed has done a superb job! I am new to making EAs and they were patient and steered me away from some disastrous ideas and helped improve my better ideas. They are honest, fair and reliable. If oyu are new to making EAs or a Pro. you and trust One Step Removed to take your winning idea to the next level.
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Shaun and Chris did not ask for this testimonial. I sought them out and asked for a link. Let me start off by saying that I am one of the earlier pioneers of designing robots commercially available almost 7 years ago when robots were not that popular for trading Forex. I know good programming when I see it.

Their pricing is extremely reasonable (I hope they don't read this lol) and the quality of work is excellent. I did have to stay on top of what I needed but then again they're not a mind readers. Once they understood my concepts the code was finished quickly. Very few initial bugs and when there was one it was fixed almost immediately.

I've never seen a robot coded the first time without any issues in all of my days of Forex programming. It just doesn't happen. When I asked for additional functionalities they didn't hit me with pricing. In fact I was begging them to charge me :-). I like paying for good work and appreciate the quick turnaround.

In fact I'm impressed enough to send out some informational e-mails from their website which are excellent and give them the credit that is due. If anybody wants a personal testimonial they can contact me at
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When Shaun asked would I give a testimonial on OSR's work, I was delighted.

TradersNow have been actively developing a trading strategy to give clients a statistical advantage in the marketplace. We have been developing the system for over 12 months now. We have licensed some complex algorithms from the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) and hence needed a partner who could understand the complex maths involved with Fractal Market Hypothesis.

Shaun has a very unqiue skill set and a love of maths. His programming skills are second to none. He embraces ideas and runs with them. NOTHING is a problem. Shaun's skillsets are instrumental to the future growth of TradersNow and in Aug 2011, Shaun spent 2 weeks in Dublin, Ireland helping to solve complex trading algorithms with Professor Jonathan Blackledge and I.

I am recommend Shaun, his company and more importantly, his integrity which is vital for TradersNow. I can put my hand on my heart and say that Shaun has been instrumental in our development process and is super intelligent (and I dont say that easily). He knows what he is talking about and there is no BS.

So thank you Shaun and see you soon,

Kieran Murphy
Founder and CEO

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First time using Onestepremoved, Programming my first EA and was referred to buy a Friend in Australia.

Shaun & Chris are Extremely Professional Company and very helpful.

Had a few minor Bugs, which where fixed very quickly and you can ring and talk to Shaun about all programming.

I would recommend using Onestepremoved to anyone who would be looking at Programming an EA in the future, Highly Highly Recommended.

I will be using them again in the future for my next EA.

Thanks Again
Ross Newton, Australia.
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Excellent work and communication.
I programmed my first system about 2 years ago.
From positional trading to day and swing tradiing has been a real transition.
The service provided then, was patient and receptive to my multiple requests.
And without hesitation, I am again programming a new system with them currently.
My dealing with Shaun and Erman was superb.
Highly recommended

Vero Beach, FL
tel. 7725691896
cell 4074350172
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I have used One Step Removed just recently to code an EA for me. They did an outstanding job for me.

Chris and Shaun are extremely professional and helpful.

They even gave me a couple of free tweaks after I had received the expert advisor.

They also sent me a survey asking how their services were and if there were any improvements they can make.

I mentioned in their survey that there were no improvements to be made since I was extremely happy with their services.

I highly recommend them.

Happy trading!

Mike Torres
(305) 389-0170 cell
Miami, FL
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