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Caliber FX Pro Review Scores

Overall score: 1.7 / 5

Total votes: 8
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Caliber FX Pro Discussion

1 posts
I ran it to live and lost the entire acct quickly. Havent used it since and their support is no longer answering.
15 posts
I thought the EA actually had some merit. It a swing style trader and could be adjusted in many ways.

However it was buggy, at times opening trades out of nowhere, even after it had been removed! So very dangerous.

'Support' for want of a better word, wasn't interested in getting rid of the bugs.

So now they've made their money, the website's shut, and they've skipped town. As YOORforex says in the first post, be wary of sites with no backtests and forward tests, let alone verifiable real money tests.

A metaphorical pox upon forex vendors that just set up shop, make some cash, then vanish.
Forex Anadova
186 posts
Web site does not work. I enjoy the nice pictures, the ferraries , the boats..., BUT, there are still silly people that beleive these lies.
75 posts

It's a funny strategy if you ask me.

If you look at the demo that I am testing. Almost 1 month and I am in the red... Bah!! Lousy... just lousy
6 posts
Caliber has destroyed every account that used it. It is a cheap and nasty EA.
82 posts

I tried it on my live account and ofcourse it lost! Becaouse it opens consecutive trades one after another. While it is loosing, it closes the trade at its stop loss and then immediately it opens a new trade ont he same pair. The support (!) team sent an alert that they found a bug in the program so they wanted me to replace my old ea with their revised one. I did so but nathing changed and it continues to open consecutive trades. I told them this but I could not get a satisfactory support upto now. Their demo account is making very well. My real platform begins to trade at the same time with their demo platform. Demo is winnig while I am loosing. There is something wrong with it but I could not understand.
62 posts
Avoid all these websites with propaganda using red and yello color, Lol

A real joke, they show you a peace of statement in a gif picture ! and testimonails with ferrari cars...and Yacht, what a depp laugh I have at first look by 3 seconds, when I visit such website.

Of course these scammers win money by selling you this ea, nothing else, don't be naive...

Do you own system, and research like me, may be you will find... may be not, but you won't lose as it is sure with them...

The contratry proof would be a certified live money statement (not fake forward or backtest), morevoer, need 9-12 months to see if they have a 'on time ' update systems...So we are very far from trusting such sellers..

Take care,
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