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Magic FX Robot Review Scores

Overall score: 2.4 / 5

Total votes: 9
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Customer service
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Magic FX Robot Discussion

8 posts
Magic FX Robot woks very well but some

 pp dont now how to use him lol


3 posts
Daypipper -(BTW, I love the Beatles reference)

Great advice. How do you use fractals in your scenario with EMA 5 and 12 on the daily chart? Do you use a trailing stop, or just reverse position every time the lines cross? Are fractals for entry confirmation, reverse trend confirmation, exit confirmation, or something else?

What are your favorite pairs for this strategy?

Thanks in advance,

87 posts
Hello Every one.
I bought this EA at 1400$ and i am surprised about it.
This Ea is not easy to use, you have to try to fix the settings lot of time to get nothing.
The support will not give you the liberty to choose a broker in the future because it is coded upon you pay 1400$ by giving him your live account number.
If this Ea work in a demo account , it will not work in a real account as it is happened with me with exness broker.
The price is excessively high regarding EA millon dollar pips .
No Refund !!!!
The customer support Craig is bad, cause he is very proud of it and he want to eat all the eggs by telling you to mange your account and taking half of your profits.
I do not recommend to buy it for not be a victim of his promises.
I end to mention that this site is scam, all his products does not work.
Take care
4 posts
thanks for advice what broker did you test using EA magic ?
1 posts
NO EA works....put a 5 EMA and a 12 EMA on the Day chart, when they cross GET IN THE TRADE. Use Fractals as well.
You have to kn ow when to keep your powder dry!
5 posts
Look at
This is my own Adviser working there!Under my control.
I made Adviser in February 2011 than 6 monthes I tested that.
If somebody want-I can installate my system on Your trade account(minimum 1500 USD)and start to trade.
Лучше синица в руках чем утка под кроватью!
4 posts
I lost much money with this Ea and they offer managed account and I invested 10000 over and I thought they use EA but they donot use EA they trade manaually It proof Ea doenot work properly and profit IF EA profit at live account why they donot use EA at live account !
4 posts
donot buy it magic fx robot only profit at demo account Ea doesnot work at live account with profit and they offer managed account scam
87 posts
it is same than do not buy it
38 posts

Does anybody have any real live accounts using this EA?


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