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Cash Back Forex Review Scores

Overall score: 3.8 / 5

Total votes: 122
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Cash Back Forex Discussion

1 posts
Been with them for years. They have always paid on time.

A few times brokers were late on payment or 'lost data', the support in chasing up the broker was amazing (thanks Alex!).
8 posts
😁Been with them for years, in fact their 'will beat any competitor offer' slogan is real. Once I got an offer from another rebate program and then I escalate this offer to cbf, next day they response to check this matter and said if the offer are valid then they will give me a new rate. Just after couple of days they got back to me to give me a new rate and now it still running with the new rates.

And for the payment, they never late to send it to my paypal. Hopefully they will keep this good work as long as my ea running.

12 posts
Never missed a payment - no need to chase them up. Been with them about 3 years. Every month payments arrive on time.

+ Cannot fault their payment policy.

- NOT all their rates are the best they can offer
- NOT so many payment options
1359 posts
I have been with them since almost the beginning of forex for myself: 2008. I have tried other rebate providers but none had the diversity of regulated brokers I wanted, or suitable payout options available.

CashBackForex ( have been EXTREMELY reliable, ALWAYS on-time. Rebates have ALWAYS beaten the competition. When I found a better rate elsewhere, they have exceeded the outside rate to keep my business! Customer service is ALWAYS prompt: when adding/removing accounts or matching competitors' rates, CashBackForex ( are quick to respond. I love their service and won't change to another rebate provider!

I encourage all forex traders who haven't got a rebate provider or are dissatisfied with their current one:

11 posts
Incorrect business behavior. They offer very low rebate rates, about 50% lower than other providers. When you realize that they are much better offers they try to beat it. I recommend to start with a reliable, ethical provider.
There are much better providers with much better rates!
71 posts
They are simply the best
5 posts
Thank you Cashbackforex! Really nice service!
3 posts
Got first payout from cashback forex....great service
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3 posts
true, but since you're only 1 client, the rebate is usually lower than what these guys can get you (since many traders register with them, they get better rates due to high volumes).
19 posts
I dont know why.. you need 3rd party rebate website..
why you not just register to become affiliate and directly joint under your self affiliate.

you will earn rebate with very transparent result............😄
30 posts
Best forex rebate around. They have a best rate guarantee, which will beat any other rebates you can find on the internet. Hotforex is listed as $4 per lot on their website, but via the best rate guarantee, i got $6 per lot instead!

Please, if you are interested, help me to sign up via this affiliate link.
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65 posts
Very good service and support. They have better support and manners as many brokers. I wish that brokers have that kind of support like cashbackforex has. And they can beat any competitor rate if you prove that somebody other have higher rate.
They paying on paypal. I never have any problems with them.
4 posts
Do your spreads increase to cover the cashback? need to know this. Thanks.
The Trend is your friend
58 posts
4 posts
i like cashbackforex! i've been using it in my hotforex and rebate is deposited in my hotforex account the following day.
297 posts
cashbackforex all the way .. got my money in time
7 posts


2. Rebates are only paid out about 20 - 25 days later in the following month after trades are completed . So that is quite long.
Many other rebate companies pay at the beginning of the following month.
There are even some that pay the following week the trades are completed.

I know a cash back company that pays on the 5th, very good and reliable. I recommend them ( They are new but have many brokers to choose from.
I believe there is a winning system out there.
1 posts
Super easy to use and I have never had any problems with it. You can check my account activity, and see how often and how much I make. I have not had any reason to contact the customer service, but suspect and hope they are easy to deal with also.
Gamble... call it what it is... a Gamble.
1 posts
Been with Cashbackforex a couple of months...
They are a good company for cash rebates, they will indeed match and better slightly any other rebate offers.

2 issues that if resolved will make them even better
1. As Casey Lim stated earlier, if the rebates calculation should be more transparent....
there should be a area to show the pips and rebates awarded for each trading account.

2. Rebates are only paid out about 20 - 25 days later in the following month after trades are completed . So that is quite long.
Many other rebate companies pay at the beginning of the following month.
There are even some that pay the following week the trades are completed.

1 posts
Ihave found them very helpful in setting up new accounts and transferring already set up accounts, if the broker allows this. And they seem to have the largest selection of brokers available
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