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PAYBACKFX Review Scores

Overall score: 4.3 / 5

Total votes: 449
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PAYBACKFX Discussion

Alpha Runner Investments
3 posts
fx33 posted:
Super service, I am very happy. Thank you

This Service is amazing. After starting this Service I doubt that this could work but after several month I really have to say wow...
As Signal Provider it is really antoher way of having a win win Situation with a Broker. Normaly you try to catch followers but these Payback Option gave you a new option. For all having a profitable full automatic System that make 100+ trades per month and a 50.000 to 100.000 USD account. That is additional good Money and make your pocket happy and the pocket of your Broker. Win-Win...

Very good solution.

All the best,
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1 posts
Bespoke - Awesome - Efficient - Fair
Currencies Trend - Pairs Bend - stay 99% FLAT
1 posts
Good service, easy to use.
1 posts
Major letdown is that profits are locked until $100 is reached on individual account. Should be for first withdraw then able to get funds out of all accounts.
1 posts
The 100 limit to withdraw is a bad ideia. i would rather not have the 10 dolar and can withdraw any money than to need to wait for the 100.
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23 posts
35 posts
very good
- TimeWarp to 2030 AD -
1 posts
Great service pays me once a month look forward for that chunk of change :)
1 posts
1 posts
You have to wait too long for available profit. IC Markets $1.5 per lot is quite low.
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62 posts
good services.
be humble,wise and thanks the Lord for every pip you get and try to keep it!
12 posts
Super service, I am very happy. Thank you
1 posts
1 posts
Why you are paying same amount for eur/usd and for cad/chf for example because spread is different ?!
6 posts
thank you the money have arrived as i have said my trust will continue with payback fx
thank you
2 posts
Dear All,
My Profit are pending last 1 month ......
6 posts
same problem a waiting to be paid same speech every month
xm broker now oay weekly to the ib
what is to do
i hope myfx will solve this issue
i am still trust them
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