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4exia (4exia)
Feb 06 2013 at 13:05
2 posts
Dear traders

After months of hard work, we have finally launched website.

Our goal is to give each Forex trader a simple solution for making money in this unpredictable and tricky market. Each one of you can choose between three options:

1. Pay monthly fee for our service (with 14 days free trial )
2. Get our service for free.
3. Join our managed PAMM account (Which is taken care by a European regulated financial services company)

If you wish to find out more details on each one of these options, please visit us at:

Thanks and successful trading for all of you .
The 4exia team

Let Your Profits Run
4exia (4exia)
Feb 16 2013 at 21:16
2 posts
Important update !!!

Click bank don't allow to give free trial and the minimum amount they allow to charge for trial period is 4.95$ ,so we had to change the deal . But in order to compensate you as our clients we extended the trial period to 21 days .
So regarding number 1 , this is the new option :

1. Pay monthly fee for our service ( with 21 days trial for 4.95$ )

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Let Your Profits Run
alex150668 (alex150668)
Sep 30 2013 at 09:04
2 posts
shojib21 (shojib21)
Oct 29 2013 at 15:55
1 posts
I cannot access your website

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