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Watch the picture attached and decide for yourself what could be the worst case scenario.... thousand of pips blown in the air. Nevertheless for 3 months their performance was absolutely good but they blown it all in just one month. The purpose of this post is not to degrade MyFxPedia but just to give fellow traders an idea that what could happen at times.

Happy Pippin' All!!!


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I have tried a lot of signal providers and myfxpedia has really blown them all away. With both pips and service. All questions I have asked was answered almost immediately. I am finally relaxed about someone else handling the trades on my account. I love reading the daily review they also provide. Out of that you come to realize that these people really know the forex market and there is thinking and reason behind every trade they make. Thank you very much myfxpedia. You are great! Henry
YM Leong
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I am now officially their VERY HAPPY customer for ONE month (I started on Feb15/2013). I was truly amazed by their sincere helpful customer attitude and their willingness to listen and explore ideas. My friend Sharon (for the last 10years) was here yesterday (15/Mar/2013) to ask me to show her how the system works and to understand first hand on how I did the risk settings. I showed her how to click on 'View Activity' to show her that myfxpedia has given us such a nifty platform that there was TRULY no need whatsoever to download the MT4 (even though I did, I actually stopped opening it and looking into it). Imagine my and her surprise when both of us saw my floating P/L was USD3566+ and abt USD1700+ already earned (ie trades were closed). That meant on the USD5000 starting capital on Feb15, my P/L (including floating) is abt USD10,266!

ONE CALENDAR month and DOUBLE the capital! Still waiting huh?! if you need some help to set risk or a simpler way to understand how this system works, goto my facebook, search for 'fxeasy75' and message me there with your email, so that I know I have your permission to share with you.

Cheerios, mate
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Excellent cervices. I gain 1200 pips 1st month join.. Never been in this state since I start trading.
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Duration: 08 Months or 31 Weeks
Number of Trades Total : 239
Winning Trades Total : 192
Pip Gain/Loss Total : +6880 pips
This month Pips Gains: +1160.7

Hi gals and guys and anywhere in between :),

This month again we have archive more than 1000+ pips in pocket and we still have more in equity positive floating which we still let the profit run.

I want to use this opportunities to thank to encouraging words that support us recently. We thank you so much for your support and we hope we will continues to reach to new goal, new success.

Before I dont know that Forex can be that much profitable. Thank!

Clinton Lourey, QLD, Australia:

'This is single handedly the best Forex service I've had the pleasure to work with, Ever. I've made WAY more pips in a week than they advertise to provide in a month. The customer service is patient, informative and polite, and the software is solid and very easy to use. I would recommend MyFXpedia to anybody from Beginners to Experts. Thank you!'

~Mateusz, Poland:

''I have been the member of myfxpedia for 2 months and I have already earned over 1200 pips following the signals.''

~Leigh Biscarra, Manila

''Before I dont know that Forex can be that much profitable. Thank!'

You can have more in our testimonial section

Also we are currently running a test with FPA , and they gave us 5 star. Read more about what other say about us here:

We hope to continues gaining more pips for clients
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End of Jan 2013 we have made a new record with 1492 pips gain, what a pity we fail to archive 1500 pips in just a matter of few pips, no worry we will have that number in book one day :). Mean time let's enjoy our new record below:

Duration: 07 Months , First Week
Number of Trades Total :217
Winning Trades Total : 173
Pip Gain/Loss Total :+5737 pips

Jan 2013 we have our name in the wall of fame with new record in monthly gaining , we have gain 1492.9 Pips,

For us, it is still unbelievable we got that many people support the idea and test our Trade Platfrom, our Trade Copier Solution as individual or as a team, how many contributed by either getting engaged in the project, or by donating your time and work to make what it is us this day.

Our sincere thanks go out to the members of our advisory board, who provide us not only with guidance, but also with financial support.
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Happy New Year Guys :)

2nd day back from the New Year Party and we gain 574 pips , what a sweet start for 2013 to us and all members.

- We have new website look
- We have platform to view trades and send email / sms whenever there is a signal
- We update analysis daily on our forum
- We do trade copy services to account more than 20.000$
- We going to give a crazy discount in Mar 2013 for all loyal members in our forum
- Project 500 pips a month now run on to week 26 with 4800 pips gained, 18% profit on that base account, and many other account have been multiply my lot trade so I know you guy are counting money silently now , for you should be 36% ( 1:2 ) or 44% ( 1:3 ); that is great for 6 months deal right


See you in on 2nd weeks of 2013.
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myfxpedia November 2012

Hello Investors,

Let's see what we've got last month:

We officially start 500 pips a month project from July 2012, so here we got 18% up in last 3 months with drawdown keep as maximum 2.5%

Gained 885 pips for month of November. You may also can see Reward / Risk is at least 1:1 and most are kept intraday

Strike rate is 84%, mean we win 84% the time we enter the trade, and here is the detail for each pairs:

We are proud that we have almost 100% winning rate on AUD pair. The lowest strike rate is on USDYPY with 50% time win the trade.
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Statistics show that we have about 7,15 SMS daily,

Normally for one position we have : 1st SMS to put a pending , 2nd one to modify the entry if needed, 3rd one to notify when it triggers, 4rd one for it to close partially, and last one 5rd close full @ TP2.
SMS for pending will be sent on Sydney morning time, we will have daily review and analysis on our private room ready to read 2 hours prior London open. The trade then will normally will be triggered during early London time. We manage it thru London and NY.
Most of the trade go as our calculation, we will then TP1 at about 50 pips half of the position, the rest we will put SL at BE and trail it till TP2.
Some trades go again us ( 17% according to our 2 years statistic ) we have to hold on any manage to scale out with min loss.

Note: Registered member can also read the reviews the next day when it publish in the link

We also have trade copier platform in Beta, next version during mid 2013 .
Here the link to our project 500 pips a month

We won on most of the pairs, the lowest winning rate is 50% ( USD JPY )

Probability that we will lose 10% is less than < 0.01% , which is never happen according to mathematics this will required continually losing 41 times.

We are traders, we are not guru analysis predict future ; talking never make balance growth, we have to trade for real, we may not know how to talk but we know what we are doing : Trade and make profit for us and followers. Please leave comments and question on our new forum as we only check here weekly.

Congratulate to followers, as of today 12 Nov just finish 1st week of the month and we gained 296 pips
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Thank Willy! Keep up good work
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About us:
- Group of global traders mainly in Australia
- We was from stock market with followers but find forex is also good business.
- We send our best guys to start trade live forex from 01 July 2011
- Whole team transferred to forex and start services from 01 July 2012, one year later

Our services:
- Signal services by email and sms
- Account Manager ( case basis )

Why us:
- We trade for living and send signal from real account ( including our account and managed account ). We are handling more than 200k for Mutual Fund. If our signal is wrong, mean we trade wrong, mean we suffer huge loss, much more than you.
- Our result is public , certified
- 500 pips a month, if not, next month is free.
- We have money management included in sent signal

Q: You got 500 pips a month, why you have to sell your signal?
A: We dont have to but sharing is good, always good. Beside our management decision and view may differ from others.

Q: What is your forum for?
A: It a place for whoever want to share. We truly believe that sharing is the best way to learn and be different from other.

Q: What is your 'money management included in signal' mean?
A: The signal would look like:

Order opened : Sell 0.02 lots AUDUSD @1.04206 Ticket #26190399 at 2012.09.27 08:30:26 SL at 1.05020 TP at 1.02500

We use an account of 5.000 USD to sell this signal.

So if you have an account of 50.000 USD you just have to sell 0.2 lots then you have same risk as us on this trade ( 3% max loss a trade ). If you trade 0.4 lots mean you will tolerate a max loss of 6%. If you trade 0.8 mean 12% for this trade...etc

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