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The FXX Heatmap offers so many strategic trading opportunities, it is an FX trader's dream come true. The Heatmap is already the best of the best in forex. The Olsen FX tick library and scaling laws derived from Mandelbrotian fractal geometry have been combined into an easy and fun tool for profit generation and risk control. The Heatmap, signals, and SMQ will continually become even more sophisticated over time as per the Olsen way. Spend the time and effort to learn how to use these tools effectively and you will be richly rewarded.
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@lm26172: thanks for your feedback.
For your information: the 15min delay exists in the free version only. Subscribing to the tools provides you with real time signals.
Kind regards, Thomas (Olsen Trading Tools)
Generating alpha by stabilizing the market.
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It has some nice features when it comes to the fx heatmap but it gets ruined on the basis of the 15min data delay. the signals rated are stuck on [email protected] 39 min ago. I would've preferred more real life results.
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