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Forex VPS Review Scores

Overall score: 2.1 / 5

Total votes: 22
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Forex VPS Discussion

Stef (StephChan)
Apr 27 2021 at 02:05
4 posts
I've been using ForexVPS for over a year but just by chance yesterday I noticed that they were offering the product I use for substantially less on their website. Price was offered at $496 USD when they charge me $822 USD for the exact same thing. When I queried this their reply was that they changed their prices down but 'we are really not required to adjust payment of all existing clients'. You would think that a company would seek to look after customers that they have worked hard to get in the door, rather than a churn and burn approach. They may not have an obligation to do this, but it's not rocket science to anticipate how existing customers are going to feel treated. They have refused any refund of the difference and instead only offered a 1 month credit. I will be leaving them at the end of this billing cycle and going to NYCServers who are offering the same product for less.

Dec 01 2016 at 07:49
1 posts
A.D. (trendgenius)
Sep 05 2012 at 13:58
9 posts
These guys were doing well stayed with them for well over a year. Then I had a nightmare scenario with them. They upgraded to cloud servers without notifying in advance by the time they made the announcement. I could no longer access my old ip address they assigned me a new ip address which i couldn't access either. So there i am i have EA running on my mt4 and can't access my mt4 to make changes or adjust code on live account. EA started losing bad wanted to pull the plug on it but could not. Sent repeated support request that was 5 days ago I still have not received a response. I even canceled my account and still did not received a response, i called their office no answer. I ended up having to open mt4 on my local pcs close all my trades then log into my trading account and transfer all my funds out before new positions open. So this goes without saying I am done with these guys I do not recommend anyone use them. They completely messed up over there. 😂

The best offense is a good defense
A.D. (trendgenius)
Nov 17 2011 at 07:48
9 posts
Using forexvps for 5 months. No problems to speak of so far so good.

The best offense is a good defense
Aug 03 2011 at 13:37
1 posts
Using ForexVPS for 10 months now, great support and very low latency to swiss brokers (MIG in particular), very happy with them, quite pricey but you know what you get for that money ! I'd recommend them :)

Jul 19 2011 at 15:00
21 posts
Used to have them but found Accuwebhosting, who are cheaper and faster.

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