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AAFX Trading Обсуждение

Oct 12 at 19:01
6 комментариев
Is 1:2000 leverage available to VIPs only?

Sep 12 at 20:13
1 комментариев
I decided to join this broker because I urgently required a broker with fixed spreads and I found it to my great luck. I’m also pleased to trade here without commission. I trade on news, so it’s crucial for me to have fixed spreads at hand. They are predictable because they are always intact.

Aug 21 at 17:32
17 комментариев
I guess that it's very importanr for a broker to have several types of trading, because it make it more variable.

Aug 13 at 04:27
9 комментариев
I believe that trading is not an activity for everyone. You need to have certain skills, knowledge and talent. It is important to be able to calculate your actions and analyze information. Of course, the AAFX Trading website contains a training section where the basic knowledge is presented in the form of lessons, but it is important to understand that studying this section you will not become a professional. Of course, you can trade on the basis of this data, but you have to remember that it will be much more difficult to raise the level of income. When I first started working with this broker, I hoped to be limited to this information only. I thought that conditions such as leverage up to 1:2000, spreads from 0.5 pips and a welcome bonus would bring me success. With time the income I was getting was no longer satisfying and I began to strive for more.

Jul 28 at 21:48
1 комментариев
I thought to create a passive source of income for myself. Invest in stocks or something similar. The problem was that I didn't have a lot of money and didn't understand anything about it.
I got the opportunity when I opened AAFX Trading demo account. I was advised this broker because there is a chance to become part of the financial market with a small deposit. I only had $ 200 but that was enough! Plus, I got another bonus - $ 70. It was a great start!
 I started to study. The site has a lot of interesting videos with training and analytics. I realized that AAFX Trading employs real professionals.
Besides, there is a wonderful 24/7 support service!

Jul 08 at 20:59
1 комментариев
I found this company on the Internet. In the beginning it was scary to invest money in nowhere and without guarantees. Over time, thanks to excellent materials on the site, and qualified consultants, from a beginner, I turned into a real trader. Average daily income in EUR / USD is $ 200. The conditions for cooperation are very favorable, everything is automated, there are a lot of additional opportunities. I receive money regularly, in various currencies, to an electronic wallet or card. Of course, you have to work hard, as money doesn't come out of air.

Jun 25 at 11:11
1 комментариев
I would like to share my experience about the aafx company. From my own experience, I can say that this is the only broker with whom I came out with a stable income for a long time. Orders are executed quickly. There were no problems with the withdrawal, the money comes in on the day. Feedback from the support team is always high. Even if the trader does not manage to earn consistently, then you can use the large number of training materials on the site.

May 24 at 19:24
1 комментариев
I want to say that high leverage in AAFX is an opportunity to make good money. Just don't invest your entire deposit in one trade and put a Stop Loss. And everything will be fine.

May 14 at 20:03
5 комментариев
AAFX has quite a wide variety of offers when it comes to the assets choice. Most of them are available with leverages up to 1:2K for accounts less than $20K. Once your account gets bigger - the maximum leverage becomes limited, which is reasonable.
The broker also has an office in Hong Kong, st.Vincent and Malaysian regulation.
I’ve found the company’s special bonus of referring friends quite attractive as I didn’t need to register any kind of IB accounts or anything like that. The bonus just dropped into my MT4 trading account. Redeposit bonus is also immediate for small accs. Spreads are narrow, execution time is fast.

Apr 19 at 12:55
3 комментариев
AAFX provides good trading conditions. I have been trading here for the first month and I like everything .. But only I have a question: 'How should I use trading on MT4 - intraday or on a long position?'

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