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Общий результат: 4.6 / 5

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Fondex Обсуждение

May 13 at 03:07
16 комментариев
Beazeris posted:
Fondex is a company where you I started trading.
There are big amount of education materials with patterns, indicators, candels and so on.
Broker policy to risk mgmt of clients is key factor for all. For retail clients leverage size is only up to 1:30 available. For professional clients its flexible size.

if we look at the other side on brokers conditions i think we all be agree that it will be pleasant for new and experienced traders.
flexible services is a positive sign of stable company

May 10 at 05:04
13 комментариев
broker offers perfect trading conditions and quality service. trading conditions fit my strategy and my trading is comfortable. broker has high order execution time and no slippage. i think this is quality service for trading in financial markets. sorry for my english, I'm not well speaking well and use transtalors.

May 08 at 05:25
16 комментариев
It’s clear that Fondex is specialised on algo trading along with conventional forex trading. There is a list of cBots you can choose from, that analyse different chart aspects automatically. You can code yourself your own bot if you are competent enough. Is there VPS available at Fondex to run platform with bots 24\7?

Apr 26 at 04:57
22 комментариев
Fondex is a company where you I started trading.
There are big amount of education materials with patterns, indicators, candels and so on.
Broker policy to risk mgmt of clients is key factor for all. For retail clients leverage size is only up to 1:30 available. For professional clients its flexible size.

Apr 22 at 07:10
2 комментариев
This broker is outstanding because it allows you to learn the basics of trading and try it on demo and copy trading strategy. If you'd like to trade but don’t have the knowledge or the time to analyze the markets, copy trading may be the answer.

Mar 28 at 15:15
1 комментариев
I'm glad that once i started trading with fondex among all ctrader brokers this ones grabbed my attention just because the conditions here are presented fully, yall know.. single account with no choice is killer feature

btw, newcomers are welcomed here as they are provided with educational content, which includes various articles.

Feb 27 at 20:07
1 комментариев
This broker suits me bcz it offers attractive spreads and reasonable leverage size - 1:500. Earlier I tried smaller and higher leverage this is optimal for me in terms of margin . I would certainly choose to trade with smaller leverage but I can’t afford a bigger deposit now.

Feb 23 at 12:11
1 комментариев
I joined it to test my strategy based on synchronous trading of some cross pairs and it required an extra broker and respectively an extra account. The availability of a cySEC license with this broker made my idea reality. I’m currently testing it. Not everything flows smoothly. Some nuances disappoint me but I know I need to work hard to fix all bugs and make my strategy 100% working.

Feb 19 at 12:22
1 комментариев
It took to me so much time to find a broker with such low spreads actually... I tried couple of time to choose a broker but always faced fees that i knew i can't cope with given my averages.

Feb 15 at 09:47
1 комментариев
Fondex is fine for ctrader enthusiasts as it supports only ctrader trading platform. Therefore, if we compare this broker to those which allow using ctrader, then I should say that the trading conditions here are among the best on the market.
I racked my brains while searching for the decent ctrader broker which would offer some acceptable trading conditions. There are no commissions and only spreads which don't take really that much which we used to.
The only thing I don't really like is the fact that copy trading is only possible through web trader!!! That is super inconvenient for me.

Feb 09 at 14:43
1 комментариев
I resisted trading on the ctrader platform for a long time, but my colleagues recommended me a great broker and there was only one cTrader trading platform. It's Fondex broker.
What can I say about it? I WAS A FOOL!!! Yes, I was a fool for not starting to trade on this trading platform sooner...
Only here I understand what it means when orders just fly...Plus it's a very secure trading platform and all operations are recorded in the trading history.
So I can say about the broker unambiguously - RECOMMENDED!!!

Feb 06 at 06:40
11 комментариев
Trading should always be at a high level.
I'm sure of it.
I mean several things:
1. Speed ​​of order execution;
2. Low spreads;
3 Many assets;
4 Tools for technical analysis.
I saw all this right away when I opened fondex demo account. Therefore, I decided not to waste time and try to trade here.
Of course, I had another question. This I could not test on a demo account.
This is fondex withdrawal.
Of course, every trader is worried and thinking about withdrawing money from a forex broker.
I was also worried but it turned out to be in vain .. fondex broker has many .. a lot of withdrawal methods.
The speed is different but it's fast .. on average one day if e wallet or Visa.
So, as you can see, I was worried for nothing;)😄

Feb 05 at 05:35
19 комментариев
Generally, I have tried lots of brokers. I have a solid experience in trading and actually, nothing can surprise me at all. This broker, according to my experience of trading with it, seems to me one of the most convenient when it comes to cTrader brokers. At least, I judge by conditions which it offers. There are no expert advisors, there are special cBots which you can use for algotrading.

Feb 02 at 15:34
1 комментариев
I never regretted of choosing fondex as a broker to work with. I can finally use ctrader with pretty generous trading conditions. The spreads and commissions are fine especially in comparison with other brokers where I had to give all of my profits back to the broker :/

Jan 29 at 05:32
4 комментариев
I noticed their mobile app.
It's a really modern solution, nothing superfluous, with all the technical analysis tools available, so you can use it quite freely.
There are almost no crashes, except very rarely.

Jan 26 at 10:29
21 комментариев
Fondex is a surely broker which can be worked with.
From what my experience says this broker has several advantages:
1. Ctrader support.
There are not so many brokers today which work with this trading platform, unfortunately, in spite of the fact that it is a great platform and I wouldn't say that it is by any means worse than metatrader.
2. Trading conditions are among the best on the market.
There are no commissions and the spreads there are lower than the average spreads on the market for the ctrader.
3. The opportunity to use cbots for algotraders.
However, this broker also has some cons. ie There is no app for algotrading using the cell phone. That is a big pitfall, I guess, because nowadays everybody understands the importance of mobile phones. However, I still use my pc for the market analysis and I consider it to be the only way to analyze the market properly.

Jan 23 at 05:54
10 комментариев
There is not only algotrading, but also scalpers here are welcome.
In my opinion, traders should always pay attention to their trading style when they chose a broker. They should decide by themselves whether a broker is good ro not, according to their wishes and desires.
I.e MetaTRader fans will say Fondex sucks. However, if you are familar with ctrader and especially if you use cBots - that's an excellent choice of the broker.

Jan 19 at 19:03
1 комментариев
AdiarjaKusmawati posted:
Fondex is the broker that I liked right away. There are probably several main reasons.
1. These are low spreads. I haven't checked exactly each asset, but overall they are minimal for the industry. I'll check it all and then I'll write.
2. Trading platform cTrader. I read about it and I think it is the most modern trading software. I will not argue about this either. When I check it with larger volumes, then I will write a review again😉
Do you think the volume will affect the performance?

I don't think that anything will change much if you increase the volume of your trade. Oh no, wait .. your profit will increase, do you understand?;)
I think your Fondex review will be good too after that.

Jan 14 at 14:40
1 комментариев
At first I didn’t wanted to trade here, because something I didn’t liked in their platform. I more like Metutraders. However, then I learnt that they canceled fees and I thought it could a cool opportunity to save money on each trade.
Over time I got used to their platform, cTrader. It’s not so bad. I even like that the news section is positioned rationally, making it more suitable to use than that one in Metatrader.

Jan 13 at 18:12
1 комментариев
This is probably one of the best brokers today for algorithmic trading and for using copytrading. Fondex broker has created excellent conditions for using robots in trading.
I like the use of the cTrader trading platform features, the speed of the platform and the opening times of the orders.
Spreads here are some of the lowest on the market. It is possible to trade stocks without spreads, but with a small trading commission per trading lot. The choice of stocks to trade here is large enough, there are rare stocks.

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