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Apr 21 2020 at 20:22
17 件の投稿
Does Fondex allow scalping via cTrader?

Apr 23 2020 at 19:19
20 件の投稿
Doombinder posted:
Does Fondex allow scalping via cTrader?

Sure they do, why not?

Apr 29 2020 at 14:54
17 件の投稿
Brokerage deserves attention at least beacause of allowes scalping and unusual trading platform. While most brokers use Metatrader, Fondex moves forward with cTrader platform. As cTrader was created later than MT4, it combines all MT4 functions (including cBots - EAs) and new interface. Spreads are very favorable!

May 03 2020 at 19:37
17 件の投稿
I don't even know... On the one hand, the broker didn't let me down, so I kinda approve the choice and am grateful for a good service. However, there are a few things that bother be a bit.
First of all I don't really like the idea of no choice between fixed and variable spreads. Just one account type for all. This doesn't give much variaty in adopting commissions to a trading style, etc.
Secondly there is always spread + commission. Only cyptoassets and indices have got zero commission. For 100 shares and ETFs commission is $2 for roundturn. Forex is $5 for roundturn of a 100K volume.
I don't try to claim that's expensive. I'm just not too happy about no variety in appraoches to trading fees.

May 13 2020 at 19:29
12 件の投稿
The broker is really nice for indices trading. They charge no commissions for these types of assets, and spreads remain rather narrow like for the most of the instruments they offer.
Sometimes I think the leverage could be more generous, however, I understand that it can turn into a trap, so I don't stay sad about it for long.
The minimum lot size is 0.01, which is also important for a proper risk management.

May 22 2020 at 19:22
14 件の投稿
ctrader brokerage with tight spreads. I suggest it if you want to try cTrader and are interesting in good trading conditions. What advantages are there:
1. 0.01 lots for popular assets
2. tight spreads
3. mobile app available, so you can trade
4. scalpers are allowed
I don't praise the broker, but my opinion is good overall, so you can try. There's also demo to test.

Jun 08 2020 at 16:31
12 件の投稿
Hopefully my experience can help someone else.
I started trading just a few months ago. Dispite the favorable spreads and other fees (compared to competitors) I didn't manage to make any money at forex.
cTrader turned out to be rather intuitive and easy to workk with. I also didn't manage to see the catch in quotes and executions to blame it for the failure. Yet, I've lost like 20% of the deposited amount and has to withdraw the rest untill its too late.
Broker did the withdrawal fine, no objections on their side, which is probably the only positive thing in the whole story.

Jun 15 2020 at 13:18
17 件の投稿
I decided to trade with Fondex cause of many reviews across the Web. Brokerage has good feedback on the most reliable websites that check reviews quality. Fondex is really good, so I can be also positive - spreads are tight, they aren't low as 0 pips, but 0,5-0,6 pips even in volative time is reality. You can check spreads on their website even without reg.
To be honest - I don't like cTrader, I would even prefer MT4 or MT5, but Fondex offers only cTrader, so need to adapt. I can't say that's strong disadvantage, but I hope broker will diversify trading platforms.
There's also copy-trading. As far I understand, that's cTrader copy, not Fondex service, so in the ranking of strategies there're not only Fondex traders, but also traders from other brokers.
Overall, I like company and this problems are really insignificant. I even can't call them a problem =)

Jun 25 2020 at 14:03
17 件の投稿
When choosing a brokerage company, I was most interested in having a working mobile application because I am constantly driving and I need everything to be as fast and comfortable as possible. But besides that, there were many useful opportunities. For example, I was pleased to have zero spreads on some assets, there are more than 900(!) stocks, which turn the period of quarterly reports into a productive trading process.

Jun 27 2020 at 20:28
13 件の投稿
Many services that I like. Brokerage is CySEC regulated, that's additional benefit. I don't pay attention to regulations. but if it's than that's good, as that's additional advantage. Also, brokerage has low spreads and fast withdrawals (I tested them on my own). But what I rly like - automated trading and sync-trading. That's two good opportunities. It may be hard to choose good strategy (and that's the only one disadvantage), but copy trading is the future of trading.

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