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Forex Contest Fidelis Capital MARKETS

Apr 30 2015 at 06:24
36 posts
So Please Wait

RE - Login To Your MT4 after 00h00 at 01 05 2015.

You will see it'is Greate to Find a Market Moving and update all charts.. Best Regads

Apr 30 2015 at 06:24
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Vincenzo (Fiox89)
Apr 30 2015 at 06:25
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FX KISS (tineg)
Apr 30 2015 at 06:30
45 posts
gvstarlight posted:
xo555 posted:
tineg posted:
Staff posted:
This topic is for discussing the Forex Contest Fidelis Capital MARKETS.

I installed MT4 and upon opening the software it asked me to insert brokers name or server.
Does anyone know what needs to be done?
Because mt4 will not update my charts.
Or will this error go away when they enable accounts?
( What is the servers name for this broker? )

Let's check your email that should has login and pass and Server: FidelisCM-Demo

I just wonder that account blocked... Will it be unblocked when start? Or I put smth wrong?!

I think it is just blocked until the start of the competition, so that people don't start putting trades yet. I had the same message and I opened the account same ways I have always opened my other accounts, nothing to worry about.

I see. Cool. Thanks. I hope it is so. :)
Yea, this was unusual for me to see. Usually server is already detected and added and with last contest I could play around with charts but trades were disabled.
I thought I was going to see the same in this case.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." ~Henry Ford~
FX KISS (tineg)
Apr 30 2015 at 06:32
45 posts
pcbarman posted:
what is EA

search keywords 'what is EA in forex trading'

EA stands for Expert ADviser.

Forex Expert Adviser. Add-on software used with a MetaTrader currency trading platform. A Forex EA is used to automatically generate trading signals on the forex trader's behalf. Some software also allows for automatic trades under given conditions, and may include trailing stops so that currency traders can maximize on trends and not lose out on profit making opportunities.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." ~Henry Ford~
Apr 30 2015 at 06:37
25 posts
Do we need to upload document for this contest..?

Apr 30 2015 at 06:42
1 posts
EA 10k Pips jajajaja 😂😂 this man is crazy 😲 looser, Im the winner get out

Mohammed shaheen (zerospread)
Apr 30 2015 at 06:43
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Forex4Living (Jellyfish)
Apr 30 2015 at 06:43
8 posts
Can somebody tell me what the meaning of this..:

'The Contest will not allow more than a total of 500 open positions at any given time.'

Total 500 Lot or 500 Trade in 1 Month.?

handlar (bangman)
Apr 30 2015 at 06:46
1 posts
1position=1trade, I think it means 500 trades

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