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Forex Contest GDMFX August 2015

hafizullahfx (hafizullahfx)
Aug 20 2015 at 06:15
13 posts
i have a question.
can we use max lot for this contest..

goodman888 (goodman888)
Aug 20 2015 at 06:17
27 posts
The contest starts on August 20th, 08:00 GMT until September 20th 08:00 GMT 2015.

Is it supposed to start now? Why I cannot place orders?!

Aug 20 2015 at 06:22
22 posts
I think EAs r cheap in the contest because People trading manually
should get the prize as they r putting their real effort in trading and not
EAs just start and stop.I think contests should be made for trading manually.
I guess I am not against EA users 🙄 but real effort counts 😉

Aug 20 2015 at 06:23
22 posts
Somebody Trading manually here ?

Leon9122 (Leon9122)
Aug 20 2015 at 06:29
1 posts
Is the winner decided by most pips captured or by the sum of the account?

Let your profits run
Aug 20 2015 at 06:33
1 posts
Current time in Greenwich Standard Time ‎(UTC)‎
6:19 AM
Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nyamwari (Nyamwari)
Aug 20 2015 at 06:33
1 posts
i cant place orders too, en i bet its past 08:00 GMT

Aug 20 2015 at 06:34
6 posts
anyone have start trade ?
my account still can't trade
Trade is Disable ?????

Aug 20 2015 at 06:34
4 posts
Mah21 you are right, I think like you that this contest should be for manually trading, that is fair play 😄

Aug 20 2015 at 06:34
1 posts
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