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Forex Contest Valutrades

Leandro Santana (learts)
May 16 2016 at 06:36
4 posts
dany_dg96 posted:
¿Que diferencia hay entre EURUSD o EURUSD+ ?


May 16 2016 at 06:38
1 posts
May 16 2016 at 06:41
2 posts
Can smbdy explain me two moments !
Do i have to provide my personal information untill contest starts or i need to do that if i get reward ?
And second - To recieve price , i need to have real account registered or i have time to do that after winners will be published ?
Thanks a lot.

Valeriy (valfx)
May 16 2016 at 06:41
1 posts
May 16 2016 at 06:42
2 posts
OH NO!!!!!!
What should I do if I forget my password?
I delete the e-mail by accident ><!

May 16 2016 at 06:42
6 posts
Can i get a link to download this mt4 please???

May 16 2016 at 06:42
1 posts
May 16 2016 at 06:46
3 posts
Hola Dany,

Me parece que la diferencia es que por el EURUSD, no hay comission pero el spread es mas grande (24 pts) y por el EURUSD+, el spread es solo de 15 pts pero te cuesta 10 usd por cada 1 lot de comission.

May 16 2016 at 06:48
22 posts
It seems that Valutrades is not serious about clarifying doubts about EAs
allowed or not. Whats going on with them. I am not going to run my EA
because it may not look bad for manual traders. Even though GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.
3 and half hours to go.

Sifa Mwenda
May 16 2016 at 06:49
7 posts
GoodLuck Everyone

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