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Forex Contest Valutrades

bambang ari widodo (polkimin)
May 15 2016 at 13:35
4 posts
standard bro.. leverage 1:100 ( klo aku gak salah ),click the contest in myfx book site, choose the active contest, read carefully the term of condition

May 15 2016 at 13:35
2 posts
¿Que diferencia hay entre EURUSD o EURUSD+ ?

Max (maxstah)
May 15 2016 at 16:05
3 posts
dany_dg96 posted:
¿Que diferencia hay entre EURUSD o EURUSD+ ?

move your mouse over the currency pair in the Market Watch. On EURUSD you will see massage 'Trade: no'

Sunny Chan (Sunnyday)
May 15 2016 at 17:05
157 posts
May 16 2016 at 06:28
5 posts
Is scalping allowed in the contest?

Andrey (Clever1988)
May 16 2016 at 06:31
2 posts
Skorpion posted:
Clever88 posted:
S_ucceS_S posted:
Clever88 posted:
вот как у меня в лк
а вот как у многих

что за фигня?

При добавлении счёта выбирать нужно МТ(Auto Update)

Спасибо, разобрался. Удачи в конкурсе.

Привет! Как разобрался? не могу ни чего изменить.

не разобрался, при добавлении нового счета он не является конкурсным. Так что у меня все пока так как есть. Не знаю что делать.

mongkutfx (sham71)
May 16 2016 at 06:31
1 posts
get ready n wish u all best of luck...happy trading

May 16 2016 at 06:31
2 posts
Hello someone can explain this expression ??? I understand the real need verification of accounts by Valutrades? In order to receive a funded trading account with Valutrades, the participant's account application will undergo approval process by the Firm. In the event that the live account is not approved, Valutrades will give out the prizes in the same amounts to the next contestant with the highest ending equity. The winners are allowed to withdraw funds without restrictions.

FX KISS (tineg)
May 16 2016 at 06:32
45 posts
Rizalhidayat posted:
I would like to ask, which account type is used in demo contest? Is it, mini, micro, or standard? I would be happy and appreciated if anyone could answer my question. Thanks.

Hehehe...I believe you are mixing lots with the type of account. In demo-it is irrelevant because you can do whatever you want.
With real account, you will ask the broker what type of account they opened up for you or with what kind of lots you can trade and if they can open you to trade with all types of lots. :)

As far as competition concerns, you can open micro lot, mini or standard lot. It is totally up to you. :) hehe...
I hope this helps you see things clearer.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." ~Henry Ford~
May 16 2016 at 06:34
6 posts
bro.. leverage 1:100 ( klo aku gak salah

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