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Reasons why you should NOT trade cryptocurrencies

Matt (BluePanther)
Jan 22 2018 at 02:37
1354 posts
Matt (BluePanther)
Jan 22 2018 at 05:20
1354 posts
Bitcoin Created by U.S. Government, says Natalya Kaspersky (19 Jan, 2018)

Russian Blogosphere 'Reveals' True Identity of Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto (24 Dec, 2017)

Matt (BluePanther)
Jan 22 2018 at 08:16
1354 posts
Matt (BluePanther)
Jan 23 2018 at 00:04
1354 posts
South Korean Banks May Require Crypto Exchanges To Share User Data (22 Jan, 2018)

Leading Indian Banks Suspend Accounts Of Bitcoin Exchanges (22 Jan, 2018)

This troubling stat should put crypto investors on high alert (22 Jan, 2018)

Goldman issues a warning on bitcoin -- and an even bigger warning on Ethereum (22 Jan, 2018)

Crypto Today: Sell-off in crypto space gathers momentum on Monday (22 Jan, 2018)

'Many cryptocurrencies are murky, overhyped and vulnerable to crashes. The market desperately needs the clarity that only robust, impartial ratings can provide,' Weiss Ratings Founder Martin Weiss, said.

Weiss Ratings Set To Grade Cryptocurrencies (22 Jan, 2018)

Matt (BluePanther)
Jan 23 2018 at 15:13
1354 posts
Goldman Sachs Warns High Networth Clients Of Bitcoin Bubble (23 Jan, 2018)

Bitcoin firmer but struggles to take $11,000 as South Korea announces cryptocurrency crackdown (23 Jan, 2018)

Matt (BluePanther)
Jan 26 2018 at 08:52
1354 posts
Most ICOs are unjustified, but soaring due to FOMO (24 Jan, 2018)

Opinion: Bitcoin is crashing and could bottom as low as $2,000 (24 Jan, 2018)

South Korea now requires verified ID to trade cryptocurrencies (23 Jan, 2018)

Stripe To Cease Supporting Bitcoin Payments (24 Jan, 2018)

UBS chairman warns against bitcoin investment as cryptocurrency falls 12% (24 Jan, 2018)

S Korea Issues Guidelines To Curb Virtual Crypto Trading, Money Laundering (24 Jan, 2018)

Bitcoin earns ‘C+’ from ratings agency, while the competition scores higher (24 Jan, 2018)

CFTC Sues Obscure Crypto Scheme 'My Big Coin' for Fraud (24 Jan, 2018)

Russia Drafts Bill To Regulate Cryptocurrency And ICOs (25 Jan, 2018)

Bank of America, Citi, others consider blocking bitcoin purchases with their credit cards (25 Jan, 2018)

Jan 29 2018 at 14:33
174 posts
I personally trade stocks/companies that are in the blockchain technology arena but not in the currency side of things. Blockchain tech is around to stay I believe, the currencies are yet to be determined so if you are looking for less risk, go with the technology side that is useful to companies.

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Jan 31 2018 at 07:59
21 posts
I said earlier that bitcoin had to survive for a couple of years. But his turnovers are growing. And it scares me. I do not know what will happen in a few years. But while I'm not ready to trade bitcoin.

Jan 31 2018 at 15:42
13 posts
That boat has already sailed anyway

Matt (BluePanther)
Feb 01 2018 at 04:23
1354 posts
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