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0 spread low commission broker.

Oct 12 at 08:21
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Brokers take way to much.You carry all the risk.Fp spreads are low but i bet there commission makes up for it.Who has the lowest spreads,who has the lowest commissions and is safe....god only knows.Oh and dont forget open close price fav!?

Oct 15 at 19:00
19 posts
You have to understand that broker create their product not just because they're real altruists. They also want to make profits from their activity. They help traders to earn money and also want it back. Hence, when brokers create their brokerage companies they decide to earn money via spreads and commission. If there are no commissions on this broker, then it probably earns money via spreads, which are quite tight and it allows them to attract more traders. However, if they have 0 spreads, then they probably have high commissions. According to your question it's kinda difficult to fina broker with 0 spreads and low commissions.

Oct 16 at 18:30
126 posts
Spreads play an important role in this market.

Oct 17 at 10:49
283 posts
I chose Amarkets for myself by this parameter, and I still work with them

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 20 at 12:09
84 posts
I use IC Markets who offer raw spreads which are often that low on majors but it is normally offset by commission cost. They are quite reasonable but ensure you consider both factors. The broker has to make money somehow remember.

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