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Automated systems with 95% profitability - can this be true ?

May 05 2015 at 07:00
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May 06 2015 at 04:54
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Hi donnhan
Do you have a web-site?

May 06 2015 at 07:05
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@tapper My ea is not for sale to the public, so i didnt make any website for it. But per many requests, I decided to offer my ea to small private groups only. u can pm for more info.

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
May 09 2015 at 14:49
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Just a few red flags about 'PerfectScalper EA' by Don (who has registered on MyFxBook just a few weeks ago with a 'picture perfect' CV of a high-tech IT/trader guru with all the ups and downs):

1. The 'master account' is running at a 'no-name' off-shore broker registered in Bermuda.

2. Unfortunately some scam brokers can create, i.e. 'handcraft' Trade History, so they can sell any useless EAs or strategies for high price showing 'VERIFIED' 'REAL ACCOUNT' results.

3. The money they can make from their useless scam strategies outweighs the costs of setting up an off-shore (online) brokerage. Once they get their monies or their scams are revealed, they just move on, i.e. Rinse & Repeat...

I am NOT suggesting that 'PerfectScalper' is one these scams, but the results would be much more believable if the master account were running at a mainstream, e.g. ASIC regulated broker.

So I caution anybody thinking about paying $999/month for the signals (even as a trial) until there is at least ONE verified real showcase account on MyFxBook showing the same exact trades at a mainstream i.e. highly regulated broker.

Of course, the response might be from Don that he does not need to prove anything to anybody, as he is making a generous living on his EA while traveling all over Asia with his newly wedded wife. Yes, that would be a TYPICAL response from any scam broker DISGUISED as a strategy/EA seller.

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ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
May 09 2015 at 21:17
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FxMasterGuru posted:
Of course, the response might be from Don that he does not need to prove anything to anybody,

You know you might be right but let me let you have a peak into the other side.

You decide that if anyone else can do this forex, I can too. So you study and give up sleep watching the market trying to understand what makes it tic. Everyone else gave up but you don't. Months turns into years. Then a strategy that seemed half baked becomes clear, it works, now you have to figure out why. Your marriage becomes stressed but you got the best wife in the world and she gives you the encouragement to go on.

After more stress and problems than you ever dealt with or ever will, you have your EA. It works but you are always looking it over to make sure you didn't forget anything. What about if this happens or that, your name is on the line, will it work for everyone like you know that it does?

You decide to take the plunge and make it available to the market. You're never really sure about yourself, you're only human. Then some snot nose kid comes along that never did anything, never made anything and has an ego the size of the entire planet, that says, you're a scammer because you don't show it this way or hold your mouth just right. Here's the list, they only show demos, (a good idea by the way) their myfxbook account has not been verified. They use an unregulated broker (might be from the US and has problems getting any broker outside the US to accept him). He uses a strategy that all other know-it-alls have shown to be a real dog.

Then you just don't have any emotions left and you say to the jerk, I don't have to prove one god damn thing to you. No scam, it's true hatred and it will take you some time to get over it. But eventually you do, and you see how others are going through what you did and then, those comments from the peanut gallery, doesn't mean a thing to you and you really don't need to prove anything to anyone.

Some will, some won't, so what, Next. It is after all the young knows everything that really loses because he has his mouth opened and ears closed.

where research touches lives.
jlaagland (jlaagland)
May 10 2015 at 11:00
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Hi there,

This one is doing nicely so far, now profitability 94%.


FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
May 10 2015 at 16:39
1607 posts

Yeah, right Bob.. If you had carefully read my post, you could read that I mentioned 'RED FLAGS' and emphasized that: 'I am NOT suggesting that 'PerfectScalper' is one these scams.'

MyFxBook is full of scammers (being a victim of many myself), so one should exercise extreme caution when contemplating paying $1000 for a strategy run at a 'no-name' broker.

So I don't understand your fury... Have a beer or get laid, you'll feel better...

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May 10 2015 at 17:54
14 posts
@ForexAssistant: I am very appreciated that you spent your time on educating people like FxMasterGuru instead of criticize other Respect to you, sir !! hopefully someday 'they' open their mind to look at things on different perfective, it's maybe the time they open their eyes to see OPPORTUNITY as well.

@FxMasterGuru I appreciated for your opinion, Indeed, I do not need to prove anything to any one, but because I do not like the people like you who claim yourself 'Master' and 'Guru' but actually just another loser/hater with BIG MOUTH and no profitable account under your profile.

So I ask the permission from 1 of the clients who just bought perfectscalper trading at ICM, he allocated 1k to test the newly bought PerfectScalper before he trade the EA on his 100k Account. I put the statements under my profile. The history is new right now, but you should see trades in the next few days.

Feel free to compare trades between SGT/ICM , all trades should be identical.

P/S: ANy one who bought my EA knows that i recommend them to trade at only the TRUE/DMA brokers suchas: SGT, ICM, Axi, Peperstone, Sensus.

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
May 10 2015 at 18:46
1607 posts

You are from a different planet, man...! All the listed brokers 'B-book' most accounts, i.e. there is no ECN or DMA involved. THEY take the other side of the trades and when you are profitable, they attach their infamous 'virtual dealer plug-ins' to your account and there goes everything to the dumpster. Of course, YOUR FRIEND at your broker does not do it... Or maybe YOU are the BROKER...? Who knows...?

Just look at how many 'Vouches' your friend Bob has... 'Vouches' mean credibility, by the way... And have how many you have....??? ZERO... Ooops....!

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May 10 2015 at 23:57
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NO chart.....

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