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Court Case - All help needed please... serious thing that can happen to you!

Forex Farmer (bfe00325)
Dec 15 2014 at 01:58
49 posts
In the later 2009 i've made a wire transfer to my broker to increase my margin and the safety of my orders. Those wire transfers, usually took no more than 48 hours and i've made more than 50 that year all inside the 48 hours range. That specific wire transfer, was delayed for 8 days. To be even more specific between the 3rd and the 10th December, precisely when the EUR/USD start crashing again... i've made a complaint at the bank stating my losses and claiming for an explanation about that delay... they have 72 hours to give you an answer but they only said something 45 days after. They moved a court case twice against me charging me of terrorism, menaces and extorsion and i've won both. Now i've moved a court case against them and the judge already told that their crime and ilicit conduct is already proven but he asked and gave me 10 days to explain better and in a detailed way how that delay can have the impact in my trade and my claiming losses.

A few data that you dont know but is important on this case.

Between 2007 and 2009 i've made 1 million dollars in direct and indirect trading proven already with statements and other documents.

After 2008 i was making something like 50k per month but only withdralwing around 15k montly. all proven already also with docs.

I am claiming 390.000 euros plus interests on those losses but the judge is not understading how that delay or any other delay like that could lead you into several and major losses.

I've made all detailed explanation with charts and everything else but judge is asking me for another explanation that he could understand...

And it's exactly here that i need your help guys... i have 10 days for this and i need to find a perfect way to explain how such delay can have a huge impact on our trading accounts.

Many thanks and all help here is welcome.

smarterai (smarterai)
Dec 16 2014 at 07:24
10 posts
It's only my opinion, but if I were you, I would speak with an attorney who specializes in the financial industry.
Dec 16 2014 at 14:41
12 posts
That guys is just a SCAM, wanting to attract customers with miraculous profits that are non-proven...

Why would he asks advice on myfxbook ??
Forex Farmer (bfe00325)
Dec 16 2014 at 18:21
49 posts
First i'd like to thank all the msgs sent by private msg... all were a great help and we are working on our defense...

Second, of course that retarted comments as Kleb did are expected so, nothing more else to add about this one.

Third, i am asking advice on this matter, i am not selling anything, or promote anything, also i am not doing any trading at the moment so if you are thinking on making another nosense comment, please keep it for you...

Timeline: we have till 5 th January to finish our defense on these matters so i keep asking advices and help to see if we can find the desired anwser for the judge...

Many thanks all...
Dec 16 2014 at 20:31
385 posts
One comment that I rather kept for myself..
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