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Aug 04 2014 at 06:47
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good morning everyone i wish you all a successful week.

honeill (honeill)
Aug 04 2014 at 12:23
1141 posts
EURUSD moved higher during the course of last Friday, as the nonfarm payroll numbers were worse than expected. The trend has been very bearish lately, so the fact that we ended up bouncing during the day on Friday isn’t that big of a deal, it doesn’t change anything until we clear the 1.3550 region, something that probably isn’t going to happen soon.

"I trade to make money not to be right."
ifyforex (ifyforex)
Aug 04 2014 at 12:57
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the dollars is week this week and eur will lake the chance so for traders good to go long

Aug 04 2014 at 21:00
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Eur/usd had a flat day, price did not show any direction today. Support for the EURUSD is seen at 1.3370 and resistance is seen at 1.3442.

Aug 04 2014 at 22:36
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The EUR/USD pair initially sold off during last week.
But ended up bouncing and forming a nice-looking hammer.
This hammer looks like the weekly opportunity!

Aug 05 2014 at 00:08
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The Euro is just waiting for the European Central Bank to release its statement in order to decide if it will keep dropping or if it is going to correct the most recent downtrend.

Aug 05 2014 at 04:46
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* The 'normalization' still would not lead to massive sales.

* Fears of the FOMC meeting last week seem to have vanished.
* Asian regional indices are stable, while the European session seems to be the start of a week of normal operation.

*** The decision of the European Commission that the rescue Banco Espirito Santo (BES) of Portugal planned € 4.9 billion in complying with the standards of EU assistance also helped to calm nerves.

However **, after examining the situation over the weekend, investors have announced that with solid U.S. data, nonfarm payrolls by about 200,000 and an unemployment rate unchanged at 6.1%, prospective political career would not change Fed

* Neither positive nor negative Marginal market correction based on the recognition that the Fed is moving slowly towards normalization would be seen as a healthy retreat rather than an absence resulting from an impact.

* Despite this improved growth and signs of inflation, a real adjustment in terms of setting interest rates, is still far away.
* In relation to the fundamental or structural data, it has not changed anything.
* In the coming weeks, Yellen (and members of the dominant soft line) will become increasingly stressed that while asset purchases are coming to an end, the normalization will be gradual.
* With little U.S. data, with the exception of the report of non-manufacturing ISM index (which is expected to reach a maximum of 11 months), the upward momentum of the USD would pause, as the focus would go to across the Atlantic.

Aug 05 2014 at 06:43
454 posts
good morning still a boring no movement phase i hope today we can see some changes

honeill (honeill)
Aug 05 2014 at 08:16
1141 posts
EURUSD initially fell during yesterday with a very tight range forming an inside day and as a result even if we do see some bullish pressure now, it’s going to have a fight on its hands to get above the 1.35 handle.

"I trade to make money not to be right."
Mars30 (Mars30)
Aug 05 2014 at 09:05
155 posts
Hi guys! 😎
I'm gona buy eur/usd, when eur/gbp get + - 0.78-0.7860.
gbp/usd started trip to 1.73-1.74! after we'll see 1.63-62 (up to N.Y.)
Have a nice day! 😄

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