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Feb 04 2015 at 14:51
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It would appear that EU will stay flat here before the news is released. Most people have entered back into a sell position which is clear a trap for all of those who lack the ability of reading price action. Your best position would be to BUY EU once the BID closes across the price of 1.14614 on the 5m chart. If you are still holding a sell after that price is engulfed then you will feel the wrath of the bull's price action.

Feb 04 2015 at 20:22
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price keep bouncing from the support and the resistance it's going to be like this until the non-farm payroll.

Feb 04 2015 at 21:35
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Maybe you are right Sherif, i will keep an eye on it, thank you.

CrazyTrader (CrazyTrader)
Feb 04 2015 at 21:36
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Price Action or Pullback?... back to basics


Feb 04 2015 at 22:36
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The Greek-related headlines just knock down the Euro over 70 pips, however, that the ECB's ELA program (Emergency Lending) for Greek NB was renewed, which means that liquidity will not be cut off.

Feb 04 2015 at 23:24
834 posts
According to official press ELA will not be done by ECB.

Feb 05 2015 at 01:15
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1.13 is providing support but I believe that we will break through it overnight and head to 1.12. Long term, parity is still in view. Within the month I expect 1.09-1.10 being hit

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Feb 05 2015 at 07:31
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EUR/USD raced higher on Tuesday, breaking above the near-term downtrend line.
Yesterday’s rally confirmed the upside corrective move we expected.
At the daily chart, we see that the price suggests a downtrend.
EUR/USD is printing lower peaks and lower troughs below both the 50- and the 200-day moving averages.
The 14-day RSI edged higher after exiting its oversold territory, and MACD moved above its trigger line.
R3 - 1.16008
R2 - 1.15424
R1 - 1.14317
Daily Std. Pivot - 1.13733
S1 - 1.12626
S2 - 1.12042
S3 - 1.10935

Feb 05 2015 at 08:15
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1.14 wasn't able to be broken, Opened a sell position at both 1.138 and 1.139. Still expecting to go below 1.13 today

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honeill (honeill)
Feb 05 2015 at 11:03
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EURUSD fell during the course of yesterday session after reaching a daily resistance. The pair is still trading above the 10-day moving average and should stay in range bound trading until Friday waiting for the NFP data.

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