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GBP outlook Feb22

Feb 19 at 21:25
2 posts
what are peoples thoughts on whats going to happen to the Pound next week after Boris' speech, monday Feb22. The price action is due up for a correction, but Ive been saying that for a few weeks now. I feel like if it's going to correct, its going to skyrocket first because of ole Boris' speech (regardless of my personal thoughts of his politics). Anybody have any input?

Feb 20 at 00:40
525 posts
I think GBP is likely to weaken a bit. I did not say this considering it fundamental. I put it under Technical Analysis.

Feb 20 at 17:26
2 posts
so youre thinking a small retrace and then a bull continuation? that's what 'weaken a bit' sounds like to me?
 Ive really got my fingers crossed for at least a couple hundred pips downswing, at least, but I dont see it happening.

and I'm not clear what you mean by 'putting it under fundamental vs Technical' I think that means you think the charts show it going to go one way, but news says the other? I'm pretty new at this, apologies. Thanks for your input :)

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