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gold advise

snapdragon1970 (snapdragon1970)
Jul 07 2017 at 20:31
1944 posts
1210 is a support area on the long term charts,I will wait for another re test before taking a Long position scalp, view is negative though.

"They mistook leverage with genius".
Jul 09 2017 at 08:07
33 posts
It is believed that selling rallies will continue to be the best way to deal with the gold markets, especially with the $1230 level looking so resistive. As soon as we get some type of exhaustive candle, it’s time to start selling yet again. A breakdown below the $1200 level is not only a negative sign, but we should pylon into the short positions.

There is no interest in buying gold, unless of course there is some type of major geopolitical issue, such as North Korea flaring up, but quite frankly I think and less something like that happen, is very likely that strength will be sold going forward as interest rates offer a safer return in the bond markets and other financial instruments. While there is a place for gold in everyone’s portfolio, it’s not believed that buying in this environment is very prudent, but recognized that the $1000 level below is a massive area on the multi-year charts. Selling seems to be the only thing to do.

SNF_Complex (SNF_Complex)
Jul 31 2017 at 06:18
216 posts
gold w1 tf signal

first target at - 1300

than 100% target 1400 & than possible at end of the year - 1500

system was testen on different instruments from 1970 !


SNF-Complex system - build in 2007 \ Tested from 1970.
Aug 16 2017 at 06:36
562 posts
I always avoid Gold trading pair, because its movements too much fast to predict the real faction of this market with certainly. But after all this is one of the most usable currencies in Forex market.

Aug 17 2017 at 06:34
95 posts
When I was a newbie, did huge loss by means of Gold currency.
 But it’s really a profitable pair for the experience traders.

Aug 21 2017 at 06:42
6 posts
With Gold you have to look at the geopolitical tensions and the stock market. I will wait to see if Gold retests the 1.300 level for the 4th time this year if it doesn´t break and there is no more tension between the Us and North Korea I will be going for a sell. If there is tension between the countries the best to do is to buy gold and safe havens liky JPY and CHF.

Sep 29 2017 at 01:58
774 posts
Gold failed on its attempt to go back above the 1300 level and drops below the 55 day EMA. The drop may continue towards the 200 day EMA around the 1263 level.

hv24 (hv24)
Oct 05 2017 at 07:13
1 posts
now we should look at buy opportunities....
the target will be more then 1360 !


SNF_Complex (SNF_Complex)
Nov 07 2017 at 08:05
216 posts
last trading was on silver


SNF-Complex system - build in 2007 \ Tested from 1970.
SNF_Complex (SNF_Complex)
Nov 12 2017 at 07:50
216 posts

gold fixations ...


SNF-Complex system - build in 2007 \ Tested from 1970.
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