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HELP Turning 400 to 2500

Jan 16 2011 at 23:56
4 posts
i´m a student and if you all know students don´t have money.
I have a 400$ active trades account.
Now i´m searching or a manager or ea or what ever that turns me my 400 into 2500.
I know now you wirte something like 'newbie go home ' or 'impossibile'.
But maybe there are some people out there that could help an pure student that has to pay taxes, his car,
and all his life working for 600$ a month instead of learning...
Hope you could help me to get a better future and concentrate on learning.
If someone could help me you could contact me via pm or write under this.
If you want get sure that i dont fake you, i will send you a verification that i´m a student right now!
Hope someone will help me!!
All my trust on myfxbook users!
CTSForex (winsor)
Jan 17 2011 at 15:43
303 posts
Please stop trading fx as you don't have enough fund. It is like bring a spoon to a gun fight. Please read the 'High Probability Trading' book by Marcel Link and you will understand.
edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 17 2011 at 16:57
217 posts

i will be happy to help you.

a few questions for you, if you dont mind too much..

first, what is your primary area of study, ie, what are your academic interests and goals?

second, with which trading firm do you currently have this $400.00 on deposit with?

third, may i suggest that you not explicitly trust any group of traders or persons, as a whole, not even myself, as there is much dishonesty in this business of trading. i do not wish to debate this issue with you, simply take my comment for what it is worth.

fourth, what is your citizenship? are you based in the united states? if not, where? and where are you located at?

which university do you attend?

may i suggest that you not take this post of mine lightly.

may i also suggest that you take a few moments to consider carefully my words when i tell you that i am probably the most astute software engineer that will ever grace your presence.

i look forward to reading your response.

have a wonderful day sir,


victor (rubionfunds)
Jan 17 2011 at 18:56
83 posts
hey edward .. why do you attach you tube videos to your posts? is that whats in vogue ?🙄
winning isnt victory and losing isnt defeat.
edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 17 2011 at 19:08
217 posts
rubionfunds posted:
 hey edward .. why do you attach you tube videos to your posts? is that whats in vogue ?🙄

cuz it makes me feel sexy.

Jan 21 2011 at 07:36
4 posts
hey edward write you a private message ;)
edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 21 2011 at 18:08
217 posts

thanks for your 'awesome' and friendly post.
I want to answer your questions.
My goal is to be a teacher some day!
I study economics and sports to be a teacher some day.
I have a 380$ account on the Broker active trades that i like.
I came from germany and go to the Tu Dortmund University which i can verify.
But i hope you understand me right! I need a steady income!
I have to learn a lot!
I have to pay a lot of things so i really need this 2000 Euro...
I hope you could help me in any way.
I´m a real expert in Forex trading in knowledge but never had success live.
Pls help me!</b>

i have copy/paste posted that which you sent to my myfxbook mailbox to this thread, above.

if i thought that anything in that post could be considered as confidential then i would not have done this.

i want to make a suggestion to you and that is that i am, without question, not the person that can help you.

i am working on something that just might turn out to be very wonderful, but this is not for you.

i think that the best advice that i could give to you is that you should withdraw that $380 and focus entirely on finishing your studies.

if you have $380.00 and need to scrape together 2k euros, my suggestion is that you use that $380.00 to buy yourself some good shoes and get a job as a busboy or as a waiter.

do not get stars in your eyes about this trading thing.

trading and other traders will stomp your azz financially.

now run along and go back to class where you belong.

there are some good traders in this myfxbook community, i am sure.

i would suggest that you attempt to make friends with elkart, he knows who they are.

personally, i dont get along with him, he is a thick headed monkey brained idiot, imo.

but, he does know who is who in this community and i believe that if you approach him with respect that he will point you in the right direction.

now, either cash out or go and talk to elkart.


edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 21 2011 at 18:29
217 posts
you may be wondering why i asked those questions of you and then i come back and state that i am not the proper person to help you..

because i felt that those are the proper questions that need to be answered in order for any person to help you properly.

but, walk softly, there are those that will say that their intent is to help but they will only help themselves to what ever you have.

it is my observation that most traders have little to no concern for their investors.

this is a short sighted and small minded way to handle things, imo.

the trades themselves are the most important issue in this game of trading.

the investors/traded capital is the second most important issue, and it is actually a tossup if this isnt actually the most important issue.

anyways, i feel that as you asked for help that in order for any person to be able to properly assist you that it would be most proper if they had something of a profile of who you are and where is it that you are trying to get to in front of them.

now everybody knows exactly who you are and where you are trying to get to.

the most important question that you need to be asking yourself at this point is:

can i afford to lose that $380.00?

if the answer is yes, then contact elkart and trust his advice explicitly.

i do not believe that he will steer you wrong.

but, again, i sincerely believe that he is a monkey brained numbnuts, but i do suspect that he does have the ability to help someone in your position.


good day sir.


edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 21 2011 at 18:48
217 posts
one final question for you, sir..

you stated that your studies are about economics..

would you still study economics even if you knew that you would not only not ever make a dime from it and that it also will cost you every thing that you have?

i know what my answer to that question is.

do you?

edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 21 2011 at 19:10
217 posts
when my work finally comes together, which i think that it finally is, i will at that time form my trading group.

my trading assistants will most likely come from the ranks of law enforcement and military.

i am sure that most will find it difficult to understand that even tho i lived as a full time criminal for the better part of ten years that i really do like cops.

for the most part, they are college educated and military trained.

they are serious.

they are focused.

they understand what it means to carry out a directive.

i will require that they all possess a permit to carry a concealed sidearm when they are in my employ.

the weapon of my choice is the P38 and that is the weapon that they will carry.

the P38 will be loaded with custom engineered ammunition and will be ready to fire at all times, with the safety on.

the P38 was the weapon of choice that was used by the schutzstaffel, more commonly known as the SS, the enforcement branch of the nazi regime.

we will want for their P38's to be authentic P38's that were actually used by SS officers.

fyi, my trading assistants will take home the lion's share of our group's profits.

my trading group will be regarded as a trading mafia.

either way, my trading assistants will carry a sidearm that was actually carried by an officer of the nazi SS.

it is a psychological thing.


Jan 26 2011 at 21:56
4 posts
Thanks a lot for your reply...
Yeah ok .. i foregt that 2500 Euro thing...
But i made big mistakes to get there and try to my own...
Now look at the Account i added...2 lost trades and my acc. is broken.
160 left...
All i now want is to recover my losses...
I need someone who can this... :(:(:(
I can afford to loose it but like i said i´m a student i need it...
It would make my live easier... i dont want to be a millionair but stable succesfull..
You´re one of the guys we need, the guys who take time to write such long replys to open other eyes...
Maybe when you have your MAFIA or your Monster Money Making Maschine you think of me and contact me...
Thanks a lot
Hope you reply for a second time....
By the way Elkarts acc was deleted or could not be found :(
Jan 26 2011 at 23:09
1367 posts
first, i would like to touch on this elkart issue...

elkart is some kind of a professional diver.

i am assuming that he makes a nice and healthy income.

in other words, he has money to burn.

he is upside down, both financially and technically with his API efforts, you can read about this in the oanda forum, if you like.

<a href=';f=17;t=005682;p=4' target='_new'><u>OANDA FORUM LINK</u></a>

btw, elkart's forum handle at the oanda forum is grimfd.

now, let me explain how very very digitally ignorant he truly is.

the man is running his oanda api/trading bot on a linux box and he is talking about using some third party service to provide email and sms notifications...

come on, plz, LINUX HAS THE SENDMAIL PROGRAM built into most distributions, at a minimum?

to even consider using a third party web service to deliver email notifications while running linux is the equivalent of paying cash for a brand new cadillac and then calling a taxi to get a ride home from the car dealership.

the man is a pleasant man to talk with, if you like his fluffy kinds of talk and all..

if you are into that kind of thing.

i am not.

anyways, where was i?

oh yes..

my suggestion to you is that you close all trades and remain closed until such time as you actually have a solid trading plan of some sort.

the short answer for you, sir, is that you should srsly consider withdrawing whatever is remaining in your account and call it a day.

that is my suggestion to you, sir.

you dont have enough money to really do anything..

i would like to tell you, tho, that i would enjoy having you watching my trades as they progress.

i have been working on this project for approx seven years now.

my work is based on some inspirations that i found while studying a couple of physics theories.

if you would like to watch my work as it progresses, either watch my trades via my myfxbook page or i can provide to you the actual investor password and login account number or you could just run them on a game account.

or, place the following trades, anytime within the next day, but preferably as soon as possible...

short: euraud 0.01 lots
short: eurgbp 0.01 lots
long: gbpaud 0.02 lots

just open up a game account of approx 1k balance and let em ride.

i suggest using the interbankfx/australia metatrader platform.

also, may i suggest that my trading system is not as easy as it looks.

there are three pairs in play.

they will be traded in another direction on the next go around.

there may even be three sells or three buys on the next position.

and if you trade even one of them in the wrong direction and you will be off in lala land before you can say mississippi mudcakes.

so, sit up in your chair and try to pay attention.

and let's get ready to rob some banks.

fyi, i am going to need some very astute adjutants on my trading crew.

btw, i changed my forum handle, i was dodgesparks but am now zzzero.

now, one thing that i require of anybody that works with me is that you rock like you mean it.

so, watch the video carefully, there may be a short quiz later on.

jolly good,


Nov 25 2012 at 09:28
2 posts
there have been contests held by the likes of fxcm where the winners and thosee in the top 5 positions made 600% to 1000% allowing them to take home the top prizes---i think this is the kind of knowledge our student needs-- so that his 350 would indeed grow to 2500+

most often traders probably with too much money tell you you shouldn't start trading with less than 20k, the trader with 20k can be down to zero in less than a year with limited skill/ability whilst the trader with far less and more capability will have a positive balance at the end of the year

in conclusion--know your stuff inside out and back to front b4 traading a penny
Vlad (Mars30)
Nov 25 2012 at 11:04
155 posts
Hi guys!
 I will say a few words:
What is the expected % profit? is the same as the possibility of losing money!
and so you have to take is the fact that % you want to earn, is directly proportional possible losses!
if you want 100% a day/month/year, then you must be prepared that the day/month/year you also lose everything!

so that's just simply like that!

Nov 25 2012 at 12:42
2 posts

i think we know this already -- which is why you have to be very good in the first place and practice like
mad over a good period of time--including practicing money management skills --so that once you are
clever enough to make a great return -you don't lose it alll-- thats the whole point of long training and
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