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Low volatility

Jun 24 2014 at 18:51
86 posts
We seem to be experiencing low volatility lately versus previous years. I hear a lot of negative talk around the role of traders/speculators. However, there is the argument now that there are so many more (automated) traders on forex, that this actually smoothens the markets rather than disrupt it. I realize of course there are some currencies with strong fluctuations due to political turmoils, but I refer to more of the major pairs like EURUSD. Do you think this low forex volatility is related to the increased amount of participants or just another phase in the market cycles?

Jun 25 2014 at 00:16
35 posts
The volatility is still there, the absent is price action , specially in the eurusd pair... good trades for everyone.

StoneHeart (StoneHeart)
Jun 25 2014 at 04:02
131 posts
Daily volatility is about 10 Spreads for long time.
I think at this low value a lots of manual Traders even do not enter to market.
But YES, automated traders, like me, are probably NOT affected so much.

Small GAIN, big WIN
Jun 25 2014 at 07:09
402 posts
Hello Ivan. I would like to know where can I find a list of currencies which have high daily trading ranges. Before Mario's speech last month, I noticed EJ had the largest range. Since then EJ trading range is almost as small as EU. I wonder if there is a website which keeps track of the daily range of each currency. I believe having that information would lead to very interesting discussion for us all.

Focus on pip-drawdown
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