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Are there any U.S. Brokers who provide ECN for lower deposits (i.e. sub-$10k)?

Jul 09 2012 at 06:15
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I was wondering if any experienced traders know of any brokers who offer ECN type accounts for smaller deposits? I see there are brokers elsewhere (Australia, UK, Switzerland...) that offer ECN type accounts for deposits as low as $500, and in some cases lower, but I yet to find one that will take U.S. citizen accounts. I'd like to open a few smaller accounts to run EA's on.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Aug 21 2012 at 06:14
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I'm wondering this too. I don't trust the bucket shops in general.

Aug 22 2012 at 15:32
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advancedMarkets. They just rolled out mt4 recently if your looking for this platform.

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