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Winsor's Five Trading EAs in Real Time

winsor (winsor)
Jun 30 2010 at 21:46
303 posts
Anyone interested in observing my expert advisors trading in real time? This is the Beta released on June 1st, 2010. Below are the results for the month of June.

Haley = 672 pips
Jasmine = 2,680 pips
Leah = 1,710 pips
Mellisa = -992 pips
Sienna = 328 pips

If five or more people are interested, I will upload the software for you to view my trades in real time.


Jun 30 2010 at 22:08
25 posts
Hello Winsor.

Yes, I'm interested, please show the account/s when you want and, please, if possible, don't hide any information (broker, balance, equity, open/closed trades and so on).



If it's too good to be true, probably isn't (true)!
winsor (winsor)
Jul 02 2010 at 17:04
303 posts
Can we get 4 more volunteers to sign up here? I would like the five volunteers to discuss their observations about my 5 expert advisors in real time. Here are the name of the 5 expert advisors:

Haley trades GBPUSD, maximum 6 open trades
Jasmine trades EURUSD, maximum 6 open trades
Leah trades EURUSD, maximum 6 open trades
Mellisa trades USDCHF, maximum 10 open trades
Sienna trades EURUSD, maximum 8 open trades

The target is 4,000 pips per year for each expert advisor with maximum stop loss of 120pips and maximum take profit of 280 pips per trade.

faizmetro (faizmetro)
Jul 02 2010 at 17:31
6 posts
Hi Winsor,

Allow me to become the second person.. :D
Please, share your software.

Thank you,

Jul 02 2010 at 19:27
25 posts
-3..... 😉

If it's too good to be true, probably isn't (true)!
DougRH4x (DougRH4x)
Jul 03 2010 at 04:06
18 posts
Hi Winsor,
I'm not interested in trading them. But IF you have some completely automated mature commercial MT4 EA's that are PROVEN to be robust, reliable and consistently profitable in ALL markets, then I would be interested in MASS marketing them. But only IF you are ready, willing and ABLE to fully and reliably provide a HIGH level of support for them. Except initially this support does not all have to be provided from you directly. Others can provide the first tier, front line end user customer support with you handling the escalated instances.
Note that you MUST have significant proof of performance. Back testing is not sufficient and will not be accepted. I also require that they have proven to be reliably profitable for a significant amount of time. A couple of months of performance is not sufficient.
This is for marketing, selling and licensing the EAs to end users, preferably with a monthly subscription fees.
The more security on them the better. Preferably live confirmation with a security server and new releases a couple of times a year with a new security code that will be issued to paid customers. There will be an overlap of the old and new versions for a month or two. After which the old version will not operate even if they are legitimate, paid versions and of course for pirated products.
If you have products that fit ALL of these criteria and are agreeable to all of these conditions, then I will mass market them to an OptIn eMail list of 10,000,000 people with a 50/50 split on all of the net profits that includes the costs of marketing them. Yes, that IS the correct number of zeros! (< 8) You will need to supply relevant information about the MT4 EAs that I can and will utilize in marketing them. I need descriptions and proven documentable facts though and NOT emotional hype and empty, unsupported claims. Independent text and A/V testimonials from those that have used your MT4 EAs for a while with good results are potent content for marketing your EAs.
If you have excellent products that fit all of these requirements, then I can and will generate significant profits for ALL involved. But unlike most commercial EAs that ONLY make money for those that develop, market and sell them, yours MUST make consistent profits for the end users as well or I will not market and sell your EAs.

(8 >) Live Long and Prosper (< 8)
winsor (winsor)
Jul 03 2010 at 04:37
303 posts
Hi Doug,

I believe my EAs meet your requirements and I will take you on with your offer. Let's take the discussion off line. I will offer 5 lucky volunteers to see my EAs trading in real time with MIGfx broker. You can then contact these volunteers and get the testimonials for yourself.



yoorforex1 (yoorforex1)
Jul 03 2010 at 06:00
4 posts
I think that if you want to sell your ea, it means you don't trust them enough to say :
I prefer to manage accounts, as I will get much more profits.

Your behaviour is quite strange with DougRH4x, you say contrary to what he is legitimely saying....

Show your live account certified on 9 months, with reliable broker (do you know what it is ?)

I just smell from now another more ea seller which is a scammer

yoorforex1 (yoorforex1)
Jul 03 2010 at 06:20
4 posts
I wish to precise that Migfx does not accept scalping

For the demo accocunt you published :

A simple joke, it is demo aslo bad quote, and not verified privileges :)

Show us you win money with ea durably...

winsor (winsor)
Jul 03 2010 at 17:57
303 posts
Hi Johann,

I don't believe in scalping and most brokers don't like scalpers. My EAs are based on swing trading techniques with a maximum stop loss of 120 pips and a maximum take profit of 280 pips. Regarding verified privileges, I will get it verify by Monday. It is not a big deal; hence, let not get caught up in the small details.

Why ask for testimonials in text or AV when you can experience the EAs for yourself for the next 2 months free? I would not put myself under great scrutiny for the next two months if I am not confidence in my five EAs. Just have a beer, relax and my EAs will do all the work!



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