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BBs and SMAs for M1 and M5 Charts

Apr 11 2020 at 16:58
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I am using Bollinger Bands and SMA Studies for the etoro Charts in 1 Min. & 5 Min. Time Frames..

But, what I want is to see is that I get the same Figures of the 2 Mentioned Studies (for the 1 & 5 minutes) in chosen time frames.

Example; For Instance, Choosing a Candlestick for time 21:00, then for a 1 min. chart, I should be able to see the same figures of Studies (B. Bands and SMAs) as for a 5min. chart with the same time unit (i.e. 21:00) (i.e. irrespective of the Size of the Candlesticks)..

To explain more , I am attaching the Screen shots I did for the 1 min. & 5 min. Charts at different times..

Along with the study tools details I used for it.

Can you please,see to it guys and let me know what changes I should make to the settings of the Study tools which can help me to bring the same figures results for both the time frames ?...


Jun 21 2020 at 14:23
17 posts
I don't fully understand why you need the full identity of these two indicators and what will it give you? You're okay, and the difference of 1-2 pips is the norm on the market. Even if you analyze on the same chart, it's the standard error.

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