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Does emotion harm?

May 25 2022 at 08:07
869 posts
Emotion is one of the worst human qualities that drive a person towards failure. Traders take any adverse decision anytime being grabbed by emotion. Successful traders never serve their emotion. Emotion is a drive that inspires a trader to take higher risk in the anticipation of earning more within a short time.
Seb King (sebking1986)
May 25 2022 at 09:00
538 posts
Emotions taken as a blanket term can inspire one to be successful. The difference is knowing how and when to control them and harness them where appropriate.
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HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Jun 01 2022 at 17:37
401 posts
Yet emotions are also what makes us human. I think they can definitely hinder trading progress - but there can also be good emotions if you're successful. I try to celebrate small victories and introduce happy feelings about trading versus the anxiety and fear that I dealt with in the beginning.
Jun 02 2022 at 10:04
760 posts
emotions causes a great risk for all time, because of this bad trading habit traders lost their equity.
Jul 04 2022 at 04:24
48 posts
We are emotional beings to the core. And we need them. But when they come in the way of every single thing that we do in our lives, it becomes troublesome. So is the case with forex trading. Stabilising emotions and controlling them is the key to successful forex trading.
Jul 04 2022 at 08:04
24 posts
People who are driven by their emotions are more likely to fail than those who are not. Traders make irrational decisions when they are swept up in their emotions. Traders who consistently outperform the market are immune to the effects of their own emotions. A trader's desire to make more money quickly can drive him to take on greater risk.
Jul 04 2022 at 12:27
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In general, emotions are good. We are humans and we are emotional. But if you ask about traders, so of course, we have to control them.
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Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 05 2022 at 00:25
433 posts
Although as human nature they have emotion, but wihout p[roper control emotion in trading, just like to suicide, because market forex is cruel, no mercy when trader make their own mistake, market will become our friends if we can ride the trend, but also need equipment like money management and risk management.
Jul 05 2022 at 11:02
219 posts
To predict the market, there is no alternative to analysis, which is of two types including technical analysis and fundamental analysis. We are forecast the market only when you are a good analyzer. Analyzing power helps generate signals. We never say that all your forecasts will be accurate.
Jul 06 2022 at 07:15
27 posts
As the whole of your trading career depends on the decisions you make, it’s best to keep your emotions at the door when you have to make important trades. If you become greedy or fearful, you will definitely do something that you must not do. Be disciplined and don’t let any distractions keep you from making good trades.
Jul 06 2022 at 08:07
17 posts
Being emotional can expose you to unnecessary risks. To enhance your riches, you have to consider the vital aspects of trading and ensure that your greed or fear don’t drive your decision-making. It’s not an end to your career if you don’t open positions in a certain trade. But you will end your career if you keep opening positions in every trade you come across. Learn to control your hunger for money.
Jul 06 2022 at 09:31
18 posts
Emotions are not driven by logic and thus they may not lead to wise decisions when it comes to trading. A forex trader should try to be rational and stick to their strategy at all times. Emotions like fear and greed should not dictate our decision making process when we are trading.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 06 2022 at 23:56
433 posts
Trading need strong mental to accept the fact, here traders must realized if tey cannot control the market, but they should able to drive the market, it will become the best friend to make profit when trader already able to drive the market, even price up and down, their emotion keep strong and remain calm.
Jul 08 2022 at 05:43
29 posts
You may feel a certain way while trading. But you have to control the way you react to market situations and make trading decisions only on the basis of your analysis. Don’t get distracted and trade only when you can fully concentrate.
Jul 08 2022 at 06:11
29 posts
Emotions are useful in trading only to some extent. Traders should know how to use them to their advantage. Emotions, in general, are okay too, but when they start to control our trades, it becomes a problem. Emotions make traders lose quickly in the market if they do not know how to control them.
Jul 08 2022 at 10:43
34 posts
Yes, emotions can be harmful if they are not carefully managed. In terms of trading, I believe that you must be extremely cautious and knowledgeable; mere emotions will not be enough.
Jul 13 2022 at 04:14
36 posts
Trading based on one's emotions can be risky and lead to a financial setback. When trading, it is best to keep your emotions at bay. To be a successful trader, you must rely solely on logic-based assumptions.
Jul 15 2022 at 05:09
27 posts
Most of us experience a lot of emotions while trading. It is totally normal but when we start trading based on emotions like greed, it becomes harmful. A forex trader should be logical and rational and trade with a cautious approach in all situations. Emotions need to be kept under control so that they don’t affect your trading decisions and performance.
Jul 15 2022 at 06:32
22 posts
Emotions are a part of our life. In any area of life, our emotions affect our decisions. The same goes for trading. Trading in the forex market without emotions is impossible. It is important to keep emotions in check while trading to keep the focus on the same.
Jul 15 2022 at 06:51
23 posts
Our emotions are what makes us human, you will go through different emotions during the trading process, and find a way to control it so it doesn’t affect your decisions. You may get anxiety or feel overwhelmed and not know what to do, which is why a plan comes in handy in this situation. Make sure you manage risk so you do reach the profit goal you’re seeking.
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