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Back to contacts hikes EUR pair margins ahead of German elections

Sep 18 2017 at 13:27
1487 posts, one of the retail forex brokerages of Gain Capital, announced it is temporarily increasing the margin requirements on the EUR forex pairs in order to protect its clients from potential market volatility around the upcoming general elections in Germany.(

Even though the outcome of the elections appears predetermined with a stable lead of the ruling coalition of Angela Merkel, a surprise is never impossible and it could affect the markets and the Euro rate significantly.

Are there any other brokers planning to do that?

Sep 20 2017 at 06:21
718 posts
I trade based on my personal trading strategy, no headache on fundamental data!

Sep 21 2017 at 06:49
920 posts
Thanks a lot for your info! The link is very much useful!

TiffanyK (TiffanyK)
Sep 21 2017 at 07:53
427 posts
Hope that the coalition of Angela Merkel will lose.. and we will earn a lot of profits from the volatile market around the elections :) Good luck!!

Accept the loss as experience
togr (togr)
Sep 21 2017 at 14:35
4862 posts
Many more brokers do decrease leverage
I hope they at least announce it

Sep 22 2017 at 15:38
1487 posts
XM and FxPro have also hiked their margins before the elections. (
FxPro even announced that in cases of extreme volatility and lack of liquidity, they may also refuse the opening of new positions, enabling ‘Close Only’ functionality.

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