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Fundamental analysis

Nov 27 2020 at 06:17
298 posts
Fundamental analysis helps a trader lot. But you have to give enough time to learn it. It's a big syllabus. If you have that much willingness, dedication and time, go and study. You just can't be an expert by reading few things. I personally prefer technical analysis.

Jan 04 at 05:12
24 posts
Quite important to understand every bit of the fundamental analysis along with the technical one for successful trading.

Sarjohn (Sarjohn)
Jan 04 at 06:36
113 posts
Agreed fundamental analysis is quite important for trading. To be a successful trader it is important to know about the fundamental and technical analysis both.

Jan 04 at 09:28
4 posts
A good trader's arsenal of knowledge should include knowledge and ability to use both technical and fundamental analysis. This is the basic knowledge that helps in his work.

Jan 04 at 09:48
92 posts
I agree with the belief that two types of analysis need to be known and understood to be effective

Jan 05 at 01:11
298 posts
Many professional traders do fundamental analysis. They have achieved success by doing fundamental analysis. But it is very important to have a real idea about it.

Jan 10 at 17:03
46 posts
Fundamental forex analysis is the basis, the foundation for the study and forecasting of the market. It is the fundamental events that set the nature and direction of movement of currency quotes.

Jan 10 at 19:41
318 posts
Every trader wants to become successful in this market. But it is not easy at all. If you want to become successful in the forex market, you need to make a proper plan and strategy. Without a proper strategy, you can not survive in the market.

Feb 08 at 06:40
24 posts
Yes, it does take a lot of time but it is actually worth learning. Both fundamental and technical analysis can be a big help to a trader and it goes well with trading.

Feb 08 at 12:23
33 posts
It’s true that fundamental and technical analysis is a vast topic and demands learning with discipline and patience. If you are successful in understanding the fundamentals and technicals of any currency pair, you’ll always be a step ahead

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