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FX Cure EA (TEA Free)

Oct 08 2013 at 15:07
62 posts
Hey Drew,

1) No worries. We are here to work together, debug, and make it profitable and out of reach of stopout (may god hear me out).
You never promised something perfect but an idea to explore, right ?

2) Do you have the 600 pips stop loss hard-coded in you EA ? And do you have any 'stop-loss' and/or 'liquidation' and/or 'stop-accumulating position' feature hard-coded in the EA ?

3) If the variable MACD_TF can be other TF than M1 in iMACD(NULL, MACD_TF,.....) then, according to my experience and many other forums reading, we can't backtest it ...

The only way to be able to backtest it would be to use only M1 timeframe.
We would have to find a substitute to iMACD(NULL, H1, ...), with iMACD(NULL, M1, X,X) where X,X would be higher periods value to reflect something equal to H1 statement.
(ie : is Moving Average 60 on M1 = Moving Average 1 on H1)

Hope you get it clear.
If some mathematics teacher could put its experience on it, that might be our call to make it backtestable.


- David

Oct 09 2013 at 05:55
41 posts

Thanks again for the opportunity to part take and share my to cents.
This is good by skipping some of the early trades to prevent huge DD...

But when the EA do make its trades based on the X value it is still taken into consideration the higher lot size for that level of the assume basket.

I would like to have the option to alter that lots size.

For example, with iRiskLevel 1 and Multiplier_filter 9
The first trade will start at .12 lot (Variable X).
I wold like to be able to alter that lot size (Variable X)
By dividing to reduce it:

X/6=.02 lots
X/4=.03 lots
X/3=.04 lots
x/2=.06 lots

So may be in the EA input we get a check box, 'Modify/reduce lots' = YES
Then divisible = 6 will change the .12 to .06 lots
     divisible = 4 will change the .12 to .03 lots, etc, etc....

But what ever the new lots size then the original sequence will pick up from there.

Some reasons for this are We will be able to still further reduce my DD/risk exposure although we already have one advantage of entering the counter trend hither up the trend. Also, as a small retail trader (most of us) we would be able to spread our risk across several pairs using a 5 to 10k high leverage account. Because I believe that trading .02 lots on six different pairs will perform better and with a smoother curve that just the EURUSD alone trading .12 lots. And with filter= 9, iRiskLevel = 1 @ .12 lots we can for get about trading more that one pair with a 5k account.
Needless to mention, the people with the 50k account can ignore this variable if they want.

In back test of 2011, the 5k account blew up.
If my above idea was available to reduce the starting lot size then, this account would have been save.

Note: I tend to always back test with 5 to 10K accounts because I'm trying to get the EAs to work for me.
Why back test with 100K when I don't have that kind of money.
But I know that drew have to use larger demo account to do this thing...


Drew (ForexCure)
Oct 10 2013 at 00:50
147 posts
hi I see there are a few messags to respond to here.
 I am travelling for Canadian Thanksgiving and will touch
base in a couple days or sooner...


Waant aal, lose aal, man...
Oct 14 2013 at 16:41
62 posts
Hey All,

The EA hasn't opened any trade yet and it's been more than 4 full days with settings Irisk = 1 and Multiplier = 1.

Has it done otherwise for anyone ?
If so, what are the settings you used ?


- David

Drew (ForexCure)
Oct 14 2013 at 22:15
147 posts
Hi David. I had one open on the 11th for GBP/NZD
and 2 more just today for EUR/NZD and NZD/JPY

So, it appears something in common is NZD dollar.

Did you have the EA enabled on any of these charts?


Waant aal, lose aal, man...
Oct 15 2013 at 07:30
62 posts
Hi Drew

Indeed I don t have any NZD working with FXCure.
I m in 2 set tests :
- eurusd gbpusd usdcad
- eurjpy gbpjpy usdjpy

No trades at all for more than a week now.
You might be right that only NZD crosses seems to open trades.
Might Need to fix it out.

Also, Can you confirm that your settings are single numbers ? (1,2 or 3 and not 10,20 or 30)


- David

Oct 15 2013 at 11:01
51 posts
I am running it on 2 demo accounts with settings Risk 3 multiplier 0. It has opened and closed many trades.
Do you have the allow live trades box checked? Also I checked allow DLL imports, not sure if it is needed but it seems to be working.

Oct 15 2013 at 12:32
62 posts
Thanks for the information.

First thing I do when install a new MT4 is :
Option -> Expert Advisor -> allow everything & uncheck restrictions
Sure it doesn't come from there.

I haven't tried multiplier 0 though...
Been trying 3 and 1.

I ll try Mult. x0 in order to isolate the problem.

I ll let you know.


Drew (ForexCure)
Oct 15 2013 at 13:22
147 posts
Yes, multiplier = 0 lets in all levels, including all the 1X orders.

So, you will have approximately 9 times as many orders as multiplier 1X.

But that defeats the purpose - you will likely blow your account too if the
iRisk is too high or your Equity is too low.


Waant aal, lose aal, man...
Oct 15 2013 at 14:42
62 posts
Right, I just want to check if the EA will eventually take any trade on my MT4 platform.

If does it will mean that the multiplier filter mechanism doesn't work...

I ll let you know



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