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Gold Trading

ProfessorGold (ProfessorGold)
Dec 20 2016 at 15:36
48 posts
@fabritzio @proyecto1 they call me professor of gold , they know i have my own theories , i have learnt trading on gold , when it was at 1045 -- i told em target is 1283 , when it was above 1300 i told em target is 1245 when it was at 1245 i told em a close above 1245 and minimum 1300-1323 , when it broke 1240 i told em sell it target 1134 and when it was at 1160's i told em my equations are telling approx 1105 will be closing price of 2016 , and i see a big rise in Gold in 2017 and then drop again , yes its panoroma , as every action has an equal and opposite reaction . soon too soon very soon gold shall see above 1300 again, i might be wrong but i like my long term anaylsis , Ignore the noise sell the facts , patience is a key to become wolf of wall street :)

ProfessorGold (ProfessorGold)
Dec 20 2016 at 15:37
48 posts
closed my shorts at 1126 , lets see whats next ,

ProfessorGold (ProfessorGold)
Dec 21 2016 at 09:53
48 posts
took shorts :)

Dec 22 2016 at 07:25
29 posts
@ProfessorGold hahaha I'll work on being a Wall Street Wolf

Dec 22 2016 at 15:03
18 posts
proyecto1 posted:
ProfessorGold posted:
@camerongill @jamess2 @samusa shorted it twice and keeping patience like a wolf , 1139 , 1135 tp 1116 added pending buy 1116 :)

Great! I think i will run to trade gold.

Seems like a good idea 😉

Dec 22 2016 at 15:03
18 posts
holdend posted:
My short positions on gold opened 2 days ago so far are doing quite well 😄 Seems like the xauusd price is in a strong bearish direction. Could be good opportunity to earn 😄

Yeah, do not miss that opportunity. Gold is good ground now. 😄

leopoldo (leopoldo)
Dec 25 2016 at 07:49
41 posts
I think gold reached some of its all time low levels against the dollar and I really expect that it will start rising up over the next days and weeks 😄 A bearish trend is now turning into a range consolidation. The price is not going lower than 1125 anymore. Maybe it's time to go long 😄

tormess (tormess)
Dec 25 2016 at 08:35
52 posts
Guys, the gold is close it its all time low levels, do you think it will go up again soon, maybe by the end of the year to see an uptrend? I'm thinking about going long looking at the daily chart.

ProfessorGold (ProfessorGold)
Dec 26 2016 at 07:56
48 posts
@tormess is that it ?? took bottom on rate hikes ? effect of rate hikes is over?? was it final leg?? is there any cataylst that can set cat among the pigeons?? are there any technicals that are ready to set cat among the pigeons?? these are the questions you may wonder about :)

RichardBills (RichardBills)
Dec 27 2016 at 09:57
74 posts
I think it was already said on this discussion that patience is key and my recent trade on XAUUSD prove it. I held a long position (initially losing) for several days until the pair eventually rose up again and closed it with a profit 😄

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