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Good Fx EAs

Jun 09 2013 at 09:34
111 posts
Hi Guys.....

Lets start a new discussion

What is your best FX EA?

Let me know your opinnion,

Thank you

Andy (cliftonarms)
Jun 10 2013 at 14:45
6 posts
Ones I have written myself

This one will be available via Autotrade when its finished its 3 months prooving.

We trade these systems with our own cash !!
Jun 11 2013 at 14:16
17 posts
You can take a look to mines


Jun 13 2013 at 21:22
52 posts
Hi Godfather,

as most time your own system is the best, how about this one. 😎
It is one of my best robots i haver ever made, it use a Neural Network to predict the trade.
And it did it wioth very high precision.

I am very interested in additional persons who are interested to participate.

Andy (cliftonarms)
Jun 14 2013 at 20:21
6 posts

Your post interests me as my latest system that has been running for 2 months ( also uses machine learning and so far looks promising.

Mine does not use neural but I did test it on a number of neural networks, however I got better results from random tree / forest algorithm.

I use rapidminer as my machine learning interface to an MT4 EA.

What do you do ? Maybe we could learn from eachother.

I'm based in the UK.


We trade these systems with our own cash !!
Hery Setiawan (yellowhat89)
Jun 15 2013 at 13:09
14 posts
Jun 15 2013 at 13:10
52 posts
Hi Andy,

i use a backpropagation network with 29 input and 1 output neuron, 2 hidden layers with 8 and 4 neurons.
It is trained on the last 10 Years of Eurex Dax Data and it learns more with every bar on the Chart.

But i did not like to discuss that in detail here, if you like you can write me by mail at mikes.ct at gmx dot net

Jun 17 2013 at 07:24
9 posts
Hi guys,

I have just finished my eas. Going to start my live account tomorrow!! Attached is the backtest results.

Adrian Matusiak (adrian8891)
Jul 12 2013 at 20:29
696 posts
For me, my own is the best

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