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Name Andy

Engineer and statistician, with currency trading experience since 2008.

Only trade our own automated systems which have been designed, coded and tested by us, always using real money.

Trading style:
AI Trader is our automatic Forex trading robot that will enable you, without any previous trading knowledge, to invest and profit from the Forex currency markets.

It is a semi automated deep neural network based trading system tested on the last 10 years of historical data.

The system trades automatically during the week with its performance being constantly monitored, and re-tuned where necessary at weekends.

Only low spread major currencies are traded on a daily timeframe with small ( 50-200 pip ) volatility based stop losses that are ALWAYS set.

These systems use trained Artificial intelligence and Neural network brains at their core, making them very efficient and not effected by trading emotions.

All systems uses simple proportional account trade sizing with NO unnecessary risk or exotic scaling used. Loosing trades are NEVER held onto just to make stats look good.

Please visit if you want to know more about this system.

We trade these systems with our own cash !!

Experience More than 5 years

Location uk

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Registered Sep 05 2012 at 14:09

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