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How did you get into forex market ? What is your story ?

Jul 04, 2013 at 06:32
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Member Since Mar 26, 2013   17 posts
Jul 04, 2013 at 06:32
Well i started to watch forex in december 2008 during christmas break. I have been surprised by the violence of the the market and the possibility of win (or loss) created by leverage. Since then I tried to develop stratégies on mt4. Will continue the story later. Hope you will tell us how you get in too.......
Member Since Nov 24, 2012   38 posts
Jul 04, 2013 at 21:12
Back in my university day in September 2009, where my girlfriend ask me if I interested to join her lecturer teaching basic forex. At that time I not really sure what forex is, what trading is. So, I said why not.

So, in that class, I learned about pips, risk, platform etc. So, that start my day as trader. I remember had my free account burned (that's day I used Marketiva, they gave $5 free for every account sign up with them) in my first day trading. But from that I learned the truth behind trading.

You can easily get rich, and get poor, just in split of second. And that got me excited.

And that's my first and last class I go for my forex education. The rest is same as other beginner trader. Hunger for knowledge, following signal, multiple margin call, testing indicator, another margin call and reading here and there and so on.

It's been 4 years. I graduated, just do random job not using my degree and become fulltime trader, never look back. Its hard really. But worth it. Wherever I have time, I do my own analisys, trade my own money and maybe after a year I plan to trade others money.

The possibility is endless right?

I enjoy my life as trader. Never had this kind of experience and excitement before I become trader. And that's my story... How's about yours?
Member Since Feb 19, 2011   61 posts
Oct 10, 2013 at 06:44
I was introduced to forex in 2007 when someone told me about Alpari Forex and the same week I explored about Forex market and was introduced to where I had created a 1 month demo account.

I had explored stocks earlier so I was familiar to the trading. I went through and and read everything that I could about the new exciting thing that I had not known earlier.

Coming from an IT background, it didn't took me long to get accustomed to trading theories etc. and I started doing paper trade for a year.

Started my 1st account in 2009 and since then no looking back. I became full-time trader in 2012 and have had a decent success. Next 5 years should be my peak period in this business and then I would become an Investor.

There has been a lot of learning and reading all the time and now I just love each and every moment of it.

Be among the very successful Forex Account Managers.
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